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'Roid-Raging Cop Shoots Up Neighborhood: Get Ready for More 'Gun Control'

• Lew Rockwell blog

Richard Klementovich, the 42-year-old Clifton, New Jersey police officer who barricaded himself in the home of his ex-wife in nearby Doylestown and turned a quiet neighborhood into a free-fire zone, was apparently attempting to commit “suicide by cop.”An admitted steroid user, Klementovich — who was paid $114, 560 in 2011 — described himself as angry “at this job and law enforcement. And it's them who I will take out my anger on.”

“They will do the job I couldn't and take my life,” wrote the 14-year law enforcement veteran in a June 16 e-mail to his ex-wife wife, Jill Majors. “I hope whomever comes to our house is ready to die tomorrow because I will be Jill…Tell the police I have a surprise for them, this is the way I want to die.” When police arrived at the home, they found a manila envelope containing a note in which Klementovich said that he had scoped rifles, a cache of 2,000 rounds of ammunition, and that he “was ready to die.”


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