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Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC talks about the Foreclosure Fraud with Bo Biden

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC is a rare breed on MSM. He has always exposed the truth about what is really going on and has called it like it is. He has ranted about how all the elected officials are owned by the banks and corporations previously. He has out right stated that the people will never get legislation for them, as it is always for the banks. Dylan is leaving MSNBC and he had Bo Biden on about the Foreclosure Fraud that the banks are still committing. He says they have been ramping up the foreclosures starting last month. At the very end, he hints that he will be working on the Fraud intensely once he leaves MSNBC! Thank you Dylan Ratigan for all you have done and all you have exposed over the last few years about the fraud of the banks and the government!

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