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Ron Paul supporters sue GOP, claiming intimidation

 Supporters of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul have filed a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee and nearly every state party claiming they improperly helped Mitt Romney during the primaries while using intimidation and threats of violence to thwart them.

Paul's campaign says the Texas congressman doesn't support the lawsuit. An RNC official called it frivolous.

The lawsuit asks a federal court in California to clarify whether delegates attending the national convention in August can vote for any candidate they choose, even if they were won by Romney. Most state parties require delegates to vote for the candidate who won them in primaries or caucuses.

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Comment by Ana Panot
Entered on:

 You are absolutely right, Brit. Enough of this madness about Ron Paul !!!  Supporters should start doing something useful ... like go home and plant potatoes.

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

Supporters should stop wasting their time believing and arguing that Ron Paul is the next President of the United States the American people love very much. It is not even a fantasy. It is just plain and simply lunacy!

Comment by George Voit
Entered on:

I am a happy positive-thinking person, not like you negative angry anti-Government people who JV reported are in the FBI Watch List. How can you accuse JV and Annonymous75 of lying when the beliefs expressed by Ron Paul about changing America to a country he wants which these learned people are bringing to the attention of the American people gingerly, is of PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE? JV had described vividly the oddities of those Ron Paul beliefs on record you guys can't deny. Read them again just to be sure. In fact when you deny it, you just confirm the Media's reports about you that you are indeed odd characters from the "lunatic fringe".

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

Thanks to your well-taken position, Annonymous75. Now you really unmasked them, showed them who they are, as if what you just did is to let them see themselves who they really are, right in front of the mirror.

The only problem is, their fanatical adulation and supernatural worship of Ron Paul and his out-of-reality belief about what he stands for, had given them a bad case of jaundice that they could no longer see their crooked nose mottled by anger, and ugly mouth twisted by insuperable hatred of Government, even in front of the mirror. As you can read in their comments, the logic in their hostility had flown out of the cuckoo nest.

The only picture I want them to see about Ron Paul’s "legacy" they believed and worship in their own peculiar political occultism is about America Ron Paul dreams to recreate if he is President, the most powerful, the richest and the biggest economy in the world that has no Central Bank [he wants to abolish the Federal Reserves and destroy the economy of the U.S. Evil Empire]; no IRS and no income tax [this will never happen in the economy of the United States]; no world leadership and no role in world affairs as he turns this nation into a virtual recluse; no more war whatsoever as U.S. bases abroad are closed, not even war against Al Qaeda even if a repeat of 911 takes place, believing that any such attacks against the United States are not the fault of terrorists but of the American people for poking their nose in the Middle East.

It will be a new United States of America under President Ron Paul where to drink raw unpasteurized milk, produce, sell and eat milk products and spread the disease into an epidemic that kills a great segment of the population is his version of absolute individual freedom, including the freedom of terrorist to kill and destroy. On record, Ron Paul protested when clandestine farms and farming and marketing of farm products in violation of commerce and FDA laws, were raided as what he believed was a blow to freedom.

Under President Paul, the right of every citizen to bear arms under the Second Amendment is absolute and should never be restricted. Gun control is a thing of the past. Every American has an absolute right to arm himself of any kind of weapon he chooses as a matter of unconditional right, including weapons of mass destruction [WMD].

At last [!] Al Qaeda and local terrorists have the America they dreamed about, under President Paul. These are nothing yet but just the tip of the iceberg which explains why the American people – except just a few of you – hold what Ron Paul stands for in contempt. He could NEVER become President even if the crow turns white.

Like you Annonymous75, I want them to see a new United States of America under their own imagined President Paul. I no longer want to elaborate what the Main Stream Media repeatedly published about Ron Paul – an "UNELECTABLE" candidate for president.

It is no use to ask them to explain why MSM called their odd-thinking idol "unelectable". If we do, they will tell us about the wind and the moon of politics they are rambling mad about in Cloud 9, as if we are in front of kicking patients in white straitjackets listening to the mumbling and slurring of disapproval of one of their usual unhappy days.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

If in your delusional mind, Ron Paul is the "best" President of the United States you will ever have, why can't you get him nominated even as a candidate for president for more than twenty years now? Why?

There must be something wrong with what you are saying about him.

Why does the Press [New Hamsphire newspaper] call Ron Paul and his followers [you] candidate and supporters from the "lunatic fringe"? If it is not true, why didn’t you take action in the court of law to vindicate your good reputation assuming you have any?

You didn’t take any action -- and you can’t – is it not because what was published about you and Ron Paul was true?

Hard for you to admit the truth about who really Ron Paul is and what you his followers are, but it is tough to deny the hard truth about you and Ron Paul either. You are caught in-between your fagged out imagination and reality.

If Ron Paul is, in your feverish mind, the only "ideal" President of the United States you will ever have [and oh, boy … you kept on repeating this like a broken record], why is the GOP seeing to it that he will never get nominated candidate for president by "cheating" him and "robbing" him [these are accusations from your freaking mind] of victories in the primaries? Why? There must be something awfully wrong with what you are saying about him.

If there is something wrong with what you are saying about him then and now, it proves that what we are saying about him and you his followers from the "lunatic fringe", are true.

Now, prove us wrong the way a gentleman is expected to do, instead defecating your dirty name-calling in public through your mouth.

It is time to remove your brain from your balls that made you appear so brave like a charging wild bull when you abused us in print, and put it back into your head. In your mind, we are not what you think we are, deserving of such personal abuse. We are no longer within your class, and quite a distance of education, intelligence and civility from that level where you are struggling yourselves to improve and get out.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Hey, SamFox, great comment. Thanks for all the links.

Life is serious. These jokers and their troupe are simply clowns on the payroll of Big Biz, The Fed, and Big Gov. So, it doesn't matter to them that they are a bunch of liars and truth-twisters and propagandists. (Who knows? They might even be foreign Arab Muslims, simply out there to break America any way they can.)

Since they don't really care about principles one way or the other, they will be back on a regular basis, simply to talk, talk, talk, lie, lie, lie.

They love it when we respond seriously. It shows them how much effect they are having and where they should shift their efforts to strengthen their propaganda.

Yet, there is one thing that we need to thank them for. Their contempt for everything American causes us to think. It backfires on them every time they talk. Why? Because the war for freedom - like every other war - can only be won when we know our enemy. And it is difficult to know the enemy without knowing ourselves first.

These jokers help us to analyze just exactly what we are in favor of and what we are against. They help us to analyze the thing that freedom really is, and when we might be going too far and attempting to force freedom on people who don't want it. So, they are really doing us a favor by commenting the way that they do.

The one thing that we need to do is to continue with lots of short, pro-freedom comments. Otherwise, they blanket the whole forum. And when this happens, a lot of people turn away in disgust.

Keep up the good work, SamFox.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
Entered on:
 Joseph Goebbels would be glad to know he still has a following!!   PV & Anon75, again do the Rules For Radicals propaganda thing. They put up their own disingenuous distorted opinions they try to pass as facts. It would be one thing if they were honest enough to say "In my opinion...", or "I think..."  or other qualifiers to let us know they were posting their own thoughts...they would still be out to lunch, but at least they'd be bit more honest. It is quite another proposition to pretend that their bilge water & tripe is actually true. These are just 2 more easy to manipulate Homer Simpson's bashing Ron Paul, AGAIN with no citations to back up their false & deceitful blather.   They are both quite creative, but all they posted are more of the same falsehoods with no back up. They must like the current POTUS a whole lot. Or 0's R political doppelganger, Romney. Speaking 0f Mitt & 0, Judge Napolitano says "There is not a dime's worth of difference" between the two. Here are Mitt & 0, side by side--   Romney & 0bama the same.   I note the repeat attempt to paint Ron Paul as 'really bad' because Ron thinks people should be free to make their own choices when it comes to the dire threat to the national security of the US this half of the 0bama court jesters thinks raw milk is. Which means Anon75 likes big brother bossy govt telling us how to live. Nothing like a Spooky Dude shill posting crap to give us a good laugh.   I got a hoot out of RV trying to get us to believe Ron Paul is associated with black magic cults in the form of Paul supporters & a Ron Paul militia or some such foolishness. But, again as usual, no back up proof, just 'progressive' 'liberal' BS bias. Looks to me like these Homer Simpson propagandists get their info from Media Matters & other prog sites or just make up stuff as they go along. I have never heard Ron call for any physical over throw of the fed govt. Very weak attempt by RV at the Rules For Radicals ploy of guilt by association. Weak to any one who knows the truth about Dr. Paul at least. This guy is in a lib-prog LA LA Land. RV, you B he who is delusional. They really let you guys out during the day???   I take it these 2 clowns have no clue how badly the privately owned 'Federal' Reserve has damaged the US economy over the years since it was deceitful foisted on US. I must think then that they support the Collapse The System agenda of Cloward & Pivon that the 'Fed', many POTUS's & Congresses have been implementing since at least 1913. Overspending, over regulation, huge national debt...these idiots actually seem to like this stuff!   Must be why they don't like Ron Paul & lie about the ONLY true Constitutional fiscal conservative running.  Ron is OPPOSED to centrally planned bossy big bro & the establishment that wants to rule our lives. These guys are supporting the big govt establishment! But as usual, they gotta lie about any one who gets a following & who leads BACK towards the US Constitution & AWAY from oppressive big govt.    I take it from the junk they posted that they like perpetual war & the feeding of young lives & US treasure to the military industrial complex Ike warned US against. All this to make a few billion. Kinda makes one wonder how stupid these 2 posters are....   It is painfully obvious these 2 lovers of the status quo have no clue about 9-11 & blowback. Ron Paul has never said he blames We The People for 9-11. Ron does say, & quite accurately I might add, that our interventionist big brother boss the world around interventionist FOREIGN POLICY is a large part of why we were hit. Ron is not alone in that contention.    Did blowback cause 9-11   NY Times on blowback:   Also at YouTube honest researchers can look up-11, war and why Ron Paul is right on foreign policy.   Going by the horse poo they posted, I hardly think the Simpson brothers will bother to look, as they are no where near 'honest' & are blithely & happily ignorant of any thing resembling a fact when it comes to Ron Paul & his supporters. I think these 2 are willing deceivers & lie on purpose...which to me would explain their consistent lack of proof for their jive.   Michael Scheuer, CIA expert & former head of the Bin Laden Unit, endorses Ron Paul.   Love your attack on Freedom's Phoenix. So JV, ever bother to tell us just what % of the headlines at FP are for Ron Paul? On Page 1 of the issue this article came from, I counted close to 50 articles. ONE of them was on Ron Paul & ONE was on Rand. On some Page 1's there are more, but not anything that could lead to your lie: "...including the on-going public deception of overloading this website with contrived pro-Paul headlines,...". So Mr. Liar pants on fire, where IS the over loading?   You bucket heads may fool a few people. But for us who look stuff up, we see ya coming. WE who have researched Ron Paul KNOW how much you lie.   You are both now free to kiss the ring of Spooky Dude & lick 0's shoes.   SamFox.


Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

JV, this is a splendid portrayal of reality out of what’s in the "delusional mind" of Ron Paul followers.

Tied-down backers now concede that there is no more hope for Ron Paul to win the nomination.

But what surprises me is that some rabid believers of Ron Paul cultism still maintain that Ron Paul has created a "legacy" of freedom for the next generation to come. And they argue that this is more important than winning the nomination. I think this is even more delusional than just being foolish or foolhardy.

I want to help JV in his task to wake up those followers to reality: THERE IS NO FUTURE TO WHAT RON PAUL STANDS FOR. Believe me …

Let me explain, and JV had written a lot about this already, but allow me to restate them here for clarity: This nation will never be without the Federal Reserves and IRS that Ron Paul wanted to abolish, and the United States of America cannot and will never turn itself into a RECLUSE by withdrawing its participation in world affairs, and/or renouncing its recognized role from global leadership which Ron Paul has been campaigning for; he will be forever forgotten, hated and detested for his distorted concept of liberty and freedom, i.e. the freedom to drink unpasteurized raw milk and spread the epidemic of the disease caused by Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria in violation of the FDA law, and for his advocacy among others of absolute individual freedom, even that freedom includes the liberty and freedom of terrorists to kill and destroy.

It is on record that he was the virtual spokesman of terrorism when he defended Al Qaeda, blaming 911 as the evil plot of the U.S. national leadership, specifically that of the President of the United States, to kill fellow-Americans, not of terrorists, even though how weird this may seem. All of these are of public knowledge.

In short, delusional followers have no future to expect and celebrate over what Ron Paul’s abhorrent "legacy" stands for.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

What do you expect? These "supporters" are from the "lunatic fringe". They are not in touch with reality. Their reality is what their mind creates.

For example, right now in their mind Obama is not the President of the United States – it is Ron Paul! And they started to believe this delusion as real. This delusional belief appeared on this page many times.

I have written down my honest observation that their disconnection from reality is more severe than that of believers of black magic …cultists in the political realm whose misguided or false idolization of Ron Paul and his beliefs are supernatural or god-like. They believe – and this is obvious to readers – that in their mind, as President of the United States, Ron Paul is now the most powerful person in the world.

Followers of Ron Paul occultism make their system of supernatural beliefs undeniably dangerous. And this is not only my concern but should be the concern of everybody as well. Every time Ron Paul, their venerated idol, is disenchanted with the way the Government is run, and attacks not just the Federal Government but the entire System, those followers become angrier and their extreme reaction goes out of control.

For example, their call to arms [to organize themselves into a Militia or to join an already existing (presumably) fully armed Ron Paul Militia] against the Government and their accompanying rally to resort to violence as the only solution to our national problems, are the same as the threats of murder and mayhem of the armed militiamen of Alaska that were recently convicted in the court of law for conspiracy to overthrow the Government.

Aside from video-taping their daily Ron Paul worship, including the on-going public deception of overloading this website with contrived pro-Paul headlines, observe what they are doing, and have been doing, i.e., arranging some kind of gathering like "festival" [I called this "carnival of fools] featuring Ron Paul like he is a metal-music rock star about to perform in a public plaza to raise fund. It is more real than apparent that only they themselves are gathering around Ron Paul as he speaks before the video camera to create a virtual impression that the public had joined a massive Ron Paul Movement. In this age of computerized illusions, they fool nobody but themselves, all just for the money. In biblical parlance, it is a public betrayal for Judas’ pieces of silver after selling out Christ.

Suing the GOP is just one of those odd things they will do. Watch what’s going to happen before and during the GOP National Convention on August 27-30, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. You are in for a big nerve-wracking surprise. JV

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