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Doctors Want Soda Taxes To Fund Government Meddling...

  The National Center for Public Policy Research today condemned the American Medical Association's vote Tuesday calling for soda taxes to be used to fund more government programs.

While the
AMA stopped short of directly calling for soda taxes (as many in the press incorrectly reported), it did call for any soda taxes to be used for more government anti-obesity programs.

"The doctors have the wrong prescription," says Jeff Stier, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research's Risk Analysis Division. "The AMA wants increases in soda taxes to raise money to fund government bureaucrats to further meddle with how we live."

"But can we trust government to solve the obesity problem?," asks Stier.

"Just look at the latest out of Los Angeles, where this week, one city councilman
tried to one-up New York's Mayor Bloomberg by introducing a motion to ban the sale of soda from parks and libraries."

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