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President Obama as 'warrior-in-chief': Militaries always need enemies to justify their exist

New York, NY - When the Soviet Union collapsed, many Americans hoped that the Cold War would collapse with it, that a "peace dividend" would lead to the shrinkage of the Pentagon, and that bloated military spending would be reallocated.

The mantra of that moment was "the enemy is dead".

It was momentary.
It was soon replaced by a silent "long live the enemy", as the terror war replaced the Cold War. This war was never really just about terrorists, of course. It's largely about keeping the military-industrial complex steaming ahead with all of its jobs in key congressional districts, while sustaining the profits earned by military contractors.

A war economy always needs a war. The big secret in Washington is that American capitalism needs Pentagon socialism to survive.

The attack on the Twin Towers became a justification for a vast expansion of military activity without end. Dick Cheney predicted this new war would be a long one, estimating it could last 50 years.

Ten years of that 50 have elapsed with no real end in sight.

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