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Americans Muddled on Obama's Religion

•, Stephanie Pappas
In a new poll by Gallup, 34 percent of Americans correctly pegged the president's faith as Christian. Eleven percent said he is Muslim, and 44 percent said they didn't know. (Another 8 percent said he is not religious, and 2 percent believed he is Catholic, a Christian faith.)
The results follow on the heels of another Gallup analysis that found 57 percent of Americans know that Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is a Mormon. About 17 percent of people in that poll said they would not vote for a Mormon for president.
Obama has attended services at several Christian churches in Washington, D.C. Before winning the presidency, he and his family attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Knowledge of Obama's religion is stronger among Democrats, 52 percent of whom correctly said he is a Christian. Only 24 percent of Republicans said the same. Republicans were also more likely to say that Obama is a Muslim, with 18 percent saying so compared with only 3 percent of Democrats.

"It is unclear whether the 18 percent of Republicans who say Obama is a Muslim do so because they truly believe that this is his religion, or because they want to say something potentially negative about him," Gallup reported Friday (June 22).

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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lets start with a major fact and

1 catholicism has never ever been christian if you  believe it is your extremely stupid and dont know  nothing to prove this point when WHEN YESHUAH SAID CALL NO MAN FATHER EXCEPT YAHWH this is the first proof

 2 mormonism is just like islam another branch created by the vatican do you know why and that is this both were created by people who were members of that group

3 the jesuit priest created the bastard child of  catholicism namely mormonism then goto the other side is islam starts in the 7th century and a woman was hired to bring up this infidel as a prophet of doom for the catholic church she was          paid to do for her nephew a infidel moron she taught him to hate christainity and judaism as a evil group of people 

and this can be proven obama is a jesuit priest at the highest level of the vatican 

and he hates all of us and wants to do the bidding of his masters  in saudia arabia and  rome italy

to destroy the world for them  and he is doing it








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