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Ron Paul’s Task: Build Up the Remnant

•,by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Few people in public life ever stray from the three-by-five card of approved opinion. On those rare occasions when they do, a macabre ritual of clarifications, retractions, and apologies – a veritable liturgy of expiation – invariably follows. Forgive me, for I have contradicted the holy mainstream. Never again shall I stray from the Biden-to-Romney spectrum.

The world changed on May 15, 2007. Someone strayed from Establishment opinion, and then not only declined to do penance, but actually stood his ground and refused to be intimidated into silence.

That day, in a Republican presidential debate, Ron Paul said things Americans were not supposed to hear about their government’s foreign policy. When Rudy Giuliani demanded a retraction, Dr. Paul wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. He instead pressed his point even harder.

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