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One World Government: Conspiratorial Fantasies or Reality Check?

•, by Staff Report

Cohen's article is launched against Julian Assange, a doubtful target at best. The larger question is how canny observers of the socio-political scene such as Cohen can have any doubt at this point that there does exist a conspiracy to create global government and that it has become increasingly active and obvious in the past decade or so.

Of course, the answer that occurs to us is that Cohen is hewing to a particular orthodoxy based on the publication for which he is writing. The Observer is a sister publication to the UK Guardian, which is the newspaper of record for British leftist orthodoxy.

While the mainstream left generally has no trouble with floating conspiratorial theories about the private sector, the larger paranoia aimed at a conflation between government and private enterprises called mercantilism escapes it.

Perhaps this is because a large-scale conspiracy is one that inevitably involves government facilities, and left-wingers are most resistant to the idea that government can be utilized within this context. Government for such people is always the solution, not the problem.

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