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Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First Major American City To Be Owned By China?

It has been said that there are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One way is by using the sword, and the other is by using debt. Fortunately, America is not in danger of being conquered by the sword right now, but America is being conquered by debt. The borrower is the servant of the lender, and today we owe China more than a trillion dollars. By running a gigantic trade deficit with us,
China has been able to become incredibly wealthy. We have begged them to lend us back some of the money that we have sent them and this has made them even wealthier. Now China is gobbling up U.S. real estate and U.S. assets at an astounding pace. In fact, some cities are in danger of becoming completely dominated by Chinese ownership. One of those cities is Toledo, Ohio. In many "rust belt" areas, real estate can be had for a song, and the Chinese are taking full advantage of this.
America was once the wealthiest nation on earth, but now we are drowning in debt and we are being sold off in chunks to the highest bidder. Is this the legacy that we are going to leave for future generations? 

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Comment by Don Duncan
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"... two ways to ... enslave a nation."? The sword does not work. Ask any conquering hero. History has called men like Napoleon "great". He was a genius, but failed to understand human nature, e.g., it is much easier to conquer than to hold. To hold people enslaved the mind must be controlled, not the body. The author should read "1984", e.g., "newspeak", e.g., "slavery is freedom". As for debt, it can simply be repudiated. I did not borrow or authorize anyone to borrow in my name. I did not take part in the political process so it cannot be said I am bound by election results. If Romans had said to their slaves: "I borrowed on your ability to create wealth, and now I can't pay the interest, so you have to work harder", do you think the slaves would feel indebted? Guilty? Hell no! I don't recognize the "national debt" as my debt. I have never in my 70 years loaned any government or other criminal gang money or moral support. Only an indoctrinated "citizen" would accept responsibility for the public debt. Fine. Let them pay it, or die trying. I really don't care. But they are not going to drag me down with them. I do buy the concept "public debt" or "public property". They are both contradictions. Public property is an anti-property concept, i.e., if everyone owns it, then no one owns it, and that is who will conserve it, no one.


Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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 Talking of slavery today in the United States of America is pure nonsense.

Comment by Don Duncan
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Ownership is a myth. Property is not private anywhere. It is all taxed and regulated, therefore it is not owned, but managed, just as people are managed by their owners (rulers). Of course, ownership is not total, only because total ownership is not best for the owners. Maximum production is achieved by allowing some freedom, i.e., not total slavery, but partial slavery while promoting the myth that freedom exists. One prime example was when Lincoln freed the slaves. He actually allowed them more mobility and the illusion of freedom which increased their productivity greatly so that they could join the less enslaved general population. This has been done with women also, but more slowly. Slavery originates in the mind and requires the sanction of the victim. It comes from the desire to be taken care of and relieved of thought. This fear of individual sovereignty manifests itself by submission to rule by others. Rulers promise to do all the thinking for everyone. Rulers restrict transmission of ideas by control of any speech which exposes their fallacies. Government would not be so destructive if it were not for the lack of honesty by it's adherents and their need to force universal submission. Dissent is not tolerated. It is punished, sometimes by death (See: "The Trial of Socrates"). Custom is sacred. Common behavior is valued. Old, familiar ideas are repeated for maintaining social acceptance. New ideas or their manifestation in non-conventional activities are suspect as anti-social. What is not understood is condemned. New is forbidden until proven better. Progress is slowed or stopped by this prejudice against the unusual.


Comment by James Eldridge
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Since they are looking for good deals, I would like to offer them my house for pennies on the dollar. Just give me enough to get myself and my dog out of here and I will even leave everything behind for them to do with as they please. They can have it for a new car and 25K, enough for me to leave the country and something good enough to at least cross the border with. Make that a van please. The house is worth at least 325K.

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