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Vaccine Safety: Why Parents’ Alternative Immunization Schedules May Cause Harm

• TIME Magazine

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Comment by James Eldridge
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Just as bad as vaccines is the fact that many cities across the nation fluridate the water suppy all for the cause of what they say is for preventing tooth decay in children. It is another poison harming not just your children but the adults that drink the water.

Comment by Ed Price
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If you do Internet searches on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), you will find all kinds of sites that suggest that H2O2 not only kills bacteria and parasites while destroying viruses, but it neutralizes many dangerous chemicals. Doctors worldwide are recognizing the benefits of intravenous use of H2O2 for all kinds of ailments, including cancer treatment through direct injection into the tumor. It is only in the developed countries, countries where Big Pharma has control over medicine, that H2O2 therapy is frowned upon or entirely denied.

Start researching to see how H2O2 can not only protect against disease, but also can neutralize the effects of forced injections.

Comment by Meghan Kellison
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No one has the right to force vaccination on children "for the greater good." They have been proven to be harmful to sensitive children, and ineffective for most others in eliminating diseases that modern medicine can treat effectively anyway. I agree with the other commenters, TIME really has no credibility, and yes parents do know better than pediatricians.

Comment by Christopher Campbell
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My 2 year old was born nearly the same time as 2 of her cousins and 6 weeks before a friends baby girl. I have voted NONE, while they have all followed the status quo. The boy seems mildly autistic, and the other 2 girls are constantly sick. Meanwhile my baby hasnt had even a hint of a snivel out side of an alergy when we traveled 2 the east coast.

Comment by Ronald Bogner
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I believe vaccines messed up my child, but even if they didn't I am not going to give much weight to an article written by some corporate mouthpiece working for Time magazine

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