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Obama campaign: It's a penalty, not a tax


A top surrogate for President Obama insisted Friday that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act was not a tax — despite the fact that the Supreme Court narrowly preserved the law on those grounds.

"Don't believe the hype that the other side is selling," Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick told reporters on a conference call.

"This is a penalty," Patrick said. "It's about dealing with the freeloaders."

The Supreme Court upheld the entirety of the health care law Thursday on narrow grounds, declaring that the individual mandate was legal under Congress' taxing powers.

In the wake of the decision, Republicans and conservatives have accused Obama of raising taxes. Radio host Rush Limbaugh called the act "nothing more than the largest tax increase in the history of the world" on Thursday.

The White House has repeatedly insisted that the mandate is not a tax, with President Obama telling ABC in 2009 that he rejected that notion.

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Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

See my comment at to understand what we can do to entirely remove Obamacare and most of the fear that we have of Government right along with it.

Comment by Jack Klakpath
Entered on:

I always read those newly posted comments here at freedom forum. JV is absolutely right. You Ken Valentine – a ‘weirdo’ from the ‘lunatic fringe’ as JV has pointed out -- cannot distinguish the ‘difference’ between robbery and taxation. I am shocked to know that you really believed slavery, taxation and robbery are one and the same! Gracious me!

Oh, boy …KV! You also have no idea or have any understanding at all that a person is not a property, and a property is not a person. Your sense of reality is really fucked out.

JV is even more to the point when he called the attention of the public that ‘weirdos’ like you hated the Government so bad the brain-damage it created is beyond repair.

Believe me when I say that you are beyond redemption. As a "property" no one, much less the Government, would want to "own" you even as a "slave".

It is a bad joke! Who in his right mind would like to own a loony even as a slave? Not even a love-struck homosexual like Jeffrey Dahmer who fears his crazy "slave" partner in bed might cut off his "property" and while bleeding to death bring him to Paradise.

In their dream world, you won't even know what loonies imagined is real. When they imagine that the Government is a two-legged robber who robs them and they start shooting anyone on sight claiming self-defense, oh, boy … you are in a honky-funky kind of life-and-death trouble!

Comment by Ken Valentine
Entered on:

 You seem to imply that keeping the product of your effort is cheating the government.

Which leads me to believe that you . . . Joseph Vanderville are the dangerous looney.

When someone else (whether legally or not)  takes the product of your effort away from you without your voluntary consent, they are defacto claiming a property right in -- and ownership of -- your effort. A property right in -- and ownership of -- YOU!

Some people call it robbery; I call it slavery.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

The right to tax belongs only to the Government. Weirdos from the "lunatic fringe" think taxation is robbery. Their intense hatred of Government fogged out their mind so bad that they could no longer distinguish the difference between taxation and robbery.

A notorious tax felon wanted to shoot cops dead after he was thrown to jail for cheating the Federal Government of taxes. His justification for such murder of policemen and officials in Government is because the Federal Government is "robbing" him of his "hard earned" money every time he is "required" by law to pay taxes which he vehemently refused with contempt. Don't laugh. There is no doubt this guy is a dangerous loony. Who knows, you will never know when he will come to get you.

Comment by Olde Reb
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 Interesting.  The court concluded ObamaCare was a tax: the extracting of money from the citizen was allowable to be used for a specific objective of funding medical care.  The court held that such a use would be unconstitutional in Steward Machine Co. v Davis, 301 US 548 (1937) when adjudicating the SS tax. SS tax was held to go to the general revenue.

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