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Tennessee Bans Hugging

•, Thomas Dishaw
 Day by day more of your basic rights erode away. From Obamacare to soda bans & unhealthy food regulations the day to day choices you are so used to making are slowly being made by big government. In an effort to destroy humanity Tennessee take steps to ban hugging by classmates in an effort to curve teen pregnancy.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Consider all the private, "fun" organizations out there - things like bridge clubs, bingo clubs, recreation clubs, shooting clubs, you-name-it clubs. Add to these all the people that spend prodigious amounts of time watching sports on TV, and participating in sports recreation somewhere somehow.

Many of the people in these groups and clubs complain on a regular basis about the bad things that are happening to freedoms in America.

What the people just don't know is that if 50% of them got together and formed serious private paralegal research groups, 90% of the attorneys would be out of a job, and 100% of the freedom problems would disappear from America! The only thing that is keeping Americans from doing this - THE ONLY THING - is that they don't KNOW that they can do this!

How do I know that Americans can do this? Because this is the exact thing that Gene from did, so that he doesn't pay taxes, legally. This is the reason that many of the people who go to his website and purchase the info under the "Stop the IRS" stop-sign have stopped paying income taxes as well.

Back in the early 1990s, Gene and a group of legal researchers -  ordinary people like you and me - found out a bunch of info by studying the law. From their studies, some of the bolder ones made all kinds of troubles for the Arizona court system when they stopped driving with drivers licenses and license plates on their cars LEGALLY. ITS IN THE LAW. PEOPLE JUST DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT.

Law makers and law enforcement people didn't like this. So they harassed the heck out of the members of the group until most of them don't observe the no license practice any longer. BUT IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, IT IS COMPLETELY LEGAL TO TRAVEL BY RIGHT WITHOUT DMV LICENSING. I could go into details about how some of the county court systems in Arizona still quake in their boots when some of these private paralegals enter their counties and regions.

The point is, any time that the people of the United States of America want to take the time out of their lives to study law, want to end the harassment by Government and the courts, want to stop paying income taxes and other taxes legally, and a whole lot of other things besides... all that they need to do is form serious private paralegal research groups so that they know how to go after the crooks in Government who are making problems for us all!!!

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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And the people cower in a corner,and goes the "Home of the Brave",and the "Land of the Free".

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