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Chief Justice Roberts fends off speculation about his health-care ruling

•, The Christian Science Monitor

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts jokes that he’s headed for an "impregnable island fortress" to avoid questions about the startling health-care decision he wrote.

Poring over the 2,700-page ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal speculate that the Chief Justice actually changed his mind in mid-deliberation, flipping from the reliably-conservative foursome to join with the predictably-liberal quartet to become the swing vote in one of the court’s most important decisions in a generation.

Meanwhile, far-right commentators Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck go ballistic – Limbaugh being challenged by gleeful progressives to stand by his earlier pledge to leave the country if what he derides as “Obamacare” is upheld, Beck weepily declaring that Roberts has “sold us out” as he hawks $30 T-shirts with the Chief Justice’s visage and the single word “Coward.”


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