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Party at Hancock's - Come meet Glenn Jacobs, aka Citizen X - Friday, July 13th - 5 p.m. til ?


There will be a party at the Hancock's (4886 W Port Au Prince Ln; Glendale, AZ  85306) Friday, July 13th, 2012 from 5 p.m. til?? Glenn Jacobs, a.k.a. Citizen X (a.k.a. WWE Wrestler, Kane) will be in town that Friday/Friday evening at the Hancock's - he is a well-versed libertarian (listen to Glenn's narration of General Smedley Butler's 'War Is A Racket'). Also, Glenn's articles listed here. Hope you can come on over to meet him, and also take some time out to touch base with others this summer and cool off.

As usual, this will be a potluck - I will provide some type of entree (maybe fried chicken - not sure yet) - the grill will be available if you want to bring something to grill; the coolers will be available to keep your drinks cold. I will have some water, beer, soda - please bring something to share.

Bring your swimsuit if you want to swim.

Please R.S.V.P. on the Meetup

Ernie and I have been out of town since June 6th, and won't be back until July 6th, so we would like to open our house for a summer party.



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Comment by Steve Duncan
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 Indeed, "Mr. X" [JV], is interesting!  The rest are "dull".

Comment by Alicia Pepin
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would love to attend but heading to troy michgan. Mr .x seems very interesting.
Comment by Ed Price
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Oh, by the way. Ernie didn't take over any group. He simply filled a hole that nobody else could or would fill. He didn't take over. He simply didn't allow something to go down the tubes that might have if he hadn't stepped in and done what he did.

It isn't his, now. Everyone has a right to not take part if they don't want to. One day Ernie might vacate the position for the next person. Are you going to be around to jump in when he vacates?

Comment by Ed Price
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Kim, they do it by hand, sort of, at this stage of the game.

Ernie and Powell don't want to block anybody. Please don't antagonize them. Because, they are free, just as you are free to comment.

Many of your comments make a tremendous amount of sense. What we need here at FP is something that I forget at times. We need brief info in here. We need links and pointers to the detailed info more than we need the gritty details over and over.

Comment by Ed Price
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Wow! Now I've seen just about everything! JV admitted that he/she/it could be wrong! Unbelievable!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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To Panocha: I don't think so. I read again their sharp exchanges and what I see is a relationship that looks like a broken glass -- the scattered broken pieces could no longer be picked up and pasted up together to once more look like a whole glass. So in the gathering if she shows up, Kim will act like a raging tornado, like a bombshell she would explode and wreck the party.  But who knows, I could be wrong.

Comment by Ana Panot
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 JV, what if Kim Dryer shows up in the party? PureTrust has already reminded her that she was possessed by the devil ... what if she shows up to see Donna and tells her that she had already self-exorcised herself, and she is coming to make amends, you think that is not possible? Kim made it clear that she is also possessed of love and no one should teach her what love is, not even Donna ... still, do you think that she will not be the life of party if she shows up? Just wondering ...

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

Our link with Ernie is through this website he "owns" and in that sense, no doubt we are his friends for giving us the courtesy to debate here issues of national interest.  However, I am not a Ron Paul r3volutionary, therefore I am not only unable to "mix" as JV said, but I have nothing to contribute to Glenn's and Ron's r3volutionary fervor! But thanks to the "general" invitation anyway. Honestly, I believe that is really kind of you!

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