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Independence Day?

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 Tracktion should spell traction.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Keep going, Brag.  You are in the right tracktion.

No one can deny that statistically the number of lunatics hateful of Government has increased in a very short span of time. They are everywhere in this website. But notice carefully: Slavery that continued at the time of the "North American Confederation and the Propertarians" was stopped by Lincoln’s Emancipation Act based on the wisdom embodied in the Constitution -- not on the stupidity of the defeated slave masters that run the Confederation. This Confederation-mentality is a new strain of political virus that was not totally wiped out by the cleansing blood of the Great Civil War.

The irony of this oxymoron mentality directed against the Constitution that empowered President Abraham Lincoln to abolish slavery is that this present post-Confederation Government of the United States is accused of slavery – the very social plague it has gotten rid of more than a hundred years ago.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I agree with your sentiments Christine, but the people who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the people who championed and forced upon us (a war weary nation at the time) the CONstitution were almost exclusively different people.  There was a nine year period where somehow we survived without a central government under the Articles of Confederation.

The result however was the CONstitution and the leviathans who rule over us and devours our substance today as foretold by the anti-federalists who wrote the DOI and fought for their liberty. 

A toast to the North American Confederation and the Propertarians---long may Hamilton swing!

Comment by Boston Releigh
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To troubled radicals, the troubling question is why celebrate Independence Day when what we are celebrating is "slavery"?

The public is aware and very watchful of a group of people who cannot celebrate Independence Day otherwise they will get sick. These are anti-Government paramilitaries that the New Hampshire newspaper described as violent activists from the "lunatic fringe" whose militia mentality drives them to commit drastic actions against the Federal Government.

The following is part of a published article of a well-known columnist about this rising anti-Government mania:

"The group’s lunacy to overthrow the Federal Government by violent means is public knowledge. What is peculiar about this national security risk people is that they have one thing in common – a virtual reality of the evil world they create in their mind distinct and separate if not contrary to our world of reality. Their disconnection from reality is even aggravated when they start to see things different from what they are. I have reviewed how deeply they are enmeshed in the reality of a different world they just create inside their mind.

"For example, in their violent militia mentality, they see Independence as "slavery", taxation is "robbery", and the United States is an "Evil Empire" that must be destroyed by terrorists, Government means "thuggery", government officials should be killed and all cops should be shot dead, and all other sorts of macabre interpretations of life in the United States, as all pure supernatural evil -- the graffiti of reality they paint in the walls of their fulminating mind geared to destroy. You can read all of these in many anti-Government websites run by militia revolutionaries wanting to overthrow the Government.

"This fighting group of angry people becomes more dangerous when their call to arms is driven by lunacy. The National Institute of Health recently released a study of a form of "mental illness" resulting from intense hatred of the Government, and for being so spiteful of anything the United States stands for. They are far more dangerous than just being branded by the Department of National Security as "subversives".

"Oblivious to reason, they will take the law into their hands like what the lynching crowd once did in the Old Wild West where they organized themselves into a Posse Comitatus and just hang the suspect in a nearby tree without any court trial.

"Today’s militiamen are – as they were in the old days – their own law enforcers, their own jury and their own hangman, all rolled into one.

"The number of those anti-Government groups in the United States is rising. According to the March report of the Southern Poverty Law Center, those organized militia groups had increased to 1,274 last year from 824 just the year before."

So, indeed, why celebrate Independence Day when in the mind of those anti-Government militia revolutionaries July Fourth was the day Americans first celebrated their self-proclaimed slavery?

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