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J-S Letter: Government system appears to be broken

• The Journal-Standard

The recent decision by Illinois not to subsidize drug purchases tells me we have our priorities all messed up.

We have a congress and President that appears not to care if 11 million illegals are living and working in the US. Our borders are porous. People can enter the US freely and remain here with impunity working for cash. Illegals can stay in enclaves populated by people speak and live as if they were in their homeland. And it doesn’t take any smarts to understand that illegals drain valuable resources from US citizens when they take health care, food, housing, social services and education paid for by US citizens.

We have a military/industrial complex supported by friends in congress that thrives on $500 million dollar F-22 airplanes to attack men on camels carrying AK-47 rifles. We engage in $10 billion dollars a month wars in Iraq and Afghanistan paid for by borrowing money from the Chinese and others.


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