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Washington Times: "Tea Party and Occupy phonies: Ron Paul's Liberty Movement is the real de


WASHINGTON, When Kentucky Senator Rand Paul appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program to endorse presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, it sent shockwaves across the political blogosphere.

Ron Paul supporters and participants in the Liberty Movement were angered and dismayed over Rand Paul’s apparent rejection of his own political roots. Many called the Senator a “traitor” and believed that he was selling out his own father in order to advance his political career. Worse, some thought this might be a sign that the Paul campaign would be willing to sell out, destroying everything that the Liberty Movement worked so diligently to promote.

It is during just such times of crisis that the Liberty movement proves itself “the real deal,” truly dedicated to changing the status quo, and unlike any other current political movement in its uncompromising ideology.


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