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How Wildfires Are Just Like Premarital Sex

•, By Deanna Pan
In the wake of the behemothic Colorado Waldo Canyon wildfire that has razed hundreds of homes, blighted thousands of acres, and forced more than 35,000 people to flee for their lives, the Colorado-Springs-based evangelical group Focus on the Family thoughtfully reminds us a savage inferno isn't the only thing ragin' in these woods. (via Right Wing Watch)
In a blog post titled "Dig Deeper: Same Wisdom Applied to Sexual Risk Avoidance as Wildfire," published Wednesday on  CitizenLink, the news and political arm of Focus on the Family, abstinence education analyst Chad Hills breaks it down.
Today, in the state of Colorado, we are breathing smoke from a number of wildfires burning out of control. As of this morning, near Focus on the Family, it's being reported that 15,000 acres have been consumed by fire and some 34,000 people evacuated by the Waldo Canyon fire. More to come, I'm sure. (My comments are in bold.)
Ah, yes. A body count.
Huge plumes of smoke and fire are billowing upward from our pine-covered mountains, as whimsical winds drive the fires on dangerously unpredictable paths. All the while, exhausted firefighters and police work feverishly to close roads and evacuate homes that could be overtaken. 

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