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Sea Level Rise Unstoppable, say Scientists

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 Even if nations across the globe can agree on effective schemes to mitigate their carbon emissions in significant ways, the world's ocean levels will continue to rise far into the future, according to a new scientific study released on Sunday.

ntists at the New Jersey-based Climate Central, the US National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the Center for Australian Weather and Climate Research in Melbourne claim that even if the most "aggressive" efforts are made to curb atmospheric global warming, ocean levels would continue to rise even as global surface temperatures stabilize.

The report includes a variety of variable scenarios under which average global temperatures could be stabilized and each scenario received a corresponding fluctuation in the expected behavior of ocean levels. But because deeper ocean waters store and transfer the warmer water that contributes to glacial melting, the impact of future stabilization of surface temperatures would be too late to halt the ocean warming that has already occurred.

Slower sea level increases that allow more time for those living in low-lying coastal areas to adapt, according to the report, is the best that can be hoped for. If carbon-reduction efforts are not successful, the rate of sea level increases will be faster, larger, and significantly more damaging.

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Comment by Ed Price
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There are a whole lot of things to consider about this... even if it is partially true.

The population of the earth is rising. People need more habitable land.

Rather than being a problem, global warming would cause a welcomed greenhouse effect by adding more moisture to the atmosphere. The sea levels would not necessarily rise.

More land would open up through warming of northern Canada and Siberia so that the population could grow. More moisture on the earth would increase the ability of crops to grow = more food for the growing population.

More moisture in the air would allow for more hydrogen peroxide to be produced, naturally, so that the whole planet would be sterilized, somewhat, from diseases and parasites.

Larger, healthier populations would create more geniuses who could develop methods of interplanetary and interstellar space travel so that we, as a race, could expand to the stars.

So, what are some of these dufus scientists really looking for? It seems that they are trying to stifle development by making us all fearful of a change that would only benefit us all in the long run.

The other things that would be developed by this global warming... freedom, longevity, abilities to go where nobody has gone before.

Comment by Michael Kenslow
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 I'm insulted to have the same technical titles as these idiots have.

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