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Warning: A Global Coup is Underway


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Comment by Ed Price
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Here is one of the big problems in America and the world. It is the reason I chose "PureTrust" as my handle.

Whenever you give your property or money to someone else to hold for you, you have placed it in trust with them. The trust then owns the property.

When you deposit your money into a bank account, a trust situation comes into being. The trust owns the money until you take it out of the bank. The bank is the trustee. They give you your money back according to the rules of the trust.

Take a look at the nations in Europe that have frozen bank accounts. If the money belonged to the people, the banks could not freeze the accounts. Since money in the banks belongs to the trust, the banks can freeze the accounts according to trust rules.

This little five-letter word "trust" is the biggest word in the whole world with regard to relationships among people. Individuals trust other individuals. Nations trust nations. And the kind of trust we have regarding each other is what determines how we act with and react to one another.

If the bank has it, you no longer own it. It is owned by the trust. You only get it back if the bank continues to respect the terms of the trust agreement. If they DON'T respect the terms of the trust agreement... if they don't give the money back to you... pray that the courts will respect the terms of their trust with you, and force the bank to give your money back to you.

Comment by Ana Panot
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 Bolo, your punch is terrific...heh, he, he,he...! You are right, we cannot deposit our money in his bank mind -- it is bankrupt! Heh, he, he!

Comment by Jack Klakpath
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In this video, I notice the attack on "banks", that when you deposit your money in the bank, it is no longer yours. Of course this is not true -- to whom are you telling this nonsense, to kids? Besides, where would you deposit our money -- in your BANKrupt mind?

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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What you hear from this imagined, propaganda-scripted radical anti-world-order video is pure baloney. First, there is no such thing as "Global Coup". Second, a global coup against what, and to whom is the Coup directed? The United States, Europe? Third, and by whom?

The "central bank of the world" is pictured as the culprit. Where in hell did this nonsense originate -- this idea of the world's central bank believed to be existing today? Where, when and how this central bank coup operates? Listening to this video from the "lunatic fringe" will turn you into a loony yourself.

Comment by Gene Kernan
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The PTB don't use phrases like "profit centers".  They prefer "human resources".  Why?  Look up "resource" in your dictionary.

Comment by Ed Price
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On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Blofeld Revealed

... with Geroge Lazenby and Telly Savalas - 1969.

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