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Ron Paul Gets His Biggest Endorsement Yet — Straight From God

• Chris Miles policymic

Pastor Steven Andrew, president of USA Christian Ministries, wrote that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are non-Christians, and that the only true Christian in the bunch — Ron Paul — would beat the incumbent president Obama.

He alludes to the fact that God wants Ron Paul to win to build a stronger, more conservative America.

Get ready for a heavy dose of religious Kool-Aid.

Andrew is "calling denominations, pastors and Christians throughout July to speak up for Christians to be elected, and to publicly repent of sinning against God with non-Christians Barack Obama and Mitt Romney."

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Comment by Anonymous
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For once, I agree with Mr. V.  Ron Paul attracts the "lunatic fringe" because it is fabricated slander.  He is a credible threat, so lunatics like founder of and his phony bible thumping stalker psychophant, Renee, are there to make sure that he doesn't win.  They corral genuine people together to say, make signs, to arrange to have it "stolen"... and garbage like that.  Or lets get together and have a drinking party, instead of actually getting anything done, while truly helpful patriots are sabotaged by gangstalking efforts so that the true followers of the campaign not only never get anywhere, but in fact are taught a lesson.  I find that the Arizona Breakfast club has a lot of FRAUDULANT patriots who are actually supporting the drug trade and accepting envelopes of cash to make sure that certain things happen, and certain things do not.  Just like our very own CIA:  Criminals In Action.  Take a good hard look at who Ernie Hancock's advertisers are.  That's your answer.


Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Gerald Knight 4 hours ago ... on this Pastor endorsing Ron Paul: "This psycho pastor symbolizes the nonsense that the 'southern strategy' the republicans started in the early 70's. Getting con men like jerry falwell, pat roberts, hagee, ect ect to push gop idea's in mostly southern churches to recruit blind so called christians into voting republican!"

Odd candidate Ron Paul attracts flies from the "lunatic fringe". Did this surprise me? Nahhh, not at all. I have been writing about this lunacy since the first primary took place in Midwest when insanity started to come out from the mouths of those who were running the Ron Paul campaign.


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