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Unverified Video Shows US Helicopter Pilot Singing 'American Pie' While Shooting Afghan Civi

•, Robert Johnson

The video claims to show an Apache helicopter pilot targeting a group of "innocent farmers planting poppy seeds in the middle of the road" and belting out Don McLane's classic "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" as the missile strikes its target and someone saying "Nice" when the line ends.

But one could see it differently.

Planting poppies in road is an unlikely horticultural practice, and could instead be insurgents planting a bomb in the road.

It's also difficult to tell by listening if the voices are laid on top of the video after the fact, the damning bit of song and the word Nice interject oddly. Could be genuine, maybe not, but before it gets more attention and touted as the next "Taliban Urination Video" it's time to be a bit skeptical.

The video caption from LiveLeaks also says the missile released on the group was a "ONE kilo Hellfire" and the Daily Mail says it's a "one kilogram Hellfire missile". Depending on the variant, an AGM-114 Hellfire missile weighs between 45 and 49 kilograms.

What one voice in the video actually says is an 1K2A (one-kilo-two-alpha) Hellfire will be fired. The 1K2A is more likely a variant assigned by the Army, the only place I found the reference was in a Wikileak document of a separate incident in May 2009. The video claims to be shot in September of the same year.

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