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Why Women Should Not Enlist

•, by Kelley B. Vlahos
Just the other day, I saw a girl running along the side of the road. She looked like she was about high school age. She was wearing a ‘USMC’ t-shirt. And I thought,‘If she joins then she’s going to have to accept rape and the destruction of her life.’ I cannot in good faith recommend for anyone to join while the way the organization is set up now. I would not wish that on anybody– Lt. Ariana Clay, who was raped during her time in the Marine Corps.
 Really, truly, why would women want to join the military?
I’m not so much of a “a bubble-headed, antiquated hippie,” that I cannot understand why men join up – I come from a family of earnest, decent men who volunteered for the Army. I’m just curious about the women.
This is meant facetiously, in part. I know why they join, too. Just like the men, their reasons are varied and most always valid: they are looking for better personal opportunities and income to raise a family, status, pride in self, family history, love of country, an education, a chance to escape an intolerable life back home.

But are they aware there might be a wicked tradeoff involved, suddenly rendering those noble goals insignificant if not nearly unattainable as a result?


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