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Why Arafat Was Poisoned – Uri Avnery Knows

•, by Jim W. Dean

I did not even consider writing anything about the sudden new interest in how Arafat died. I knew Uri would be weighing on with his own piece.

After all, he had the chahungas to cross through the Beirut lines during the nasty first Lebanon war when the Israelis were trying to wipe out the PLA.

Personally, I would have considered in suicide and am not embarrassed to say so.

In the process they killed thousands of innocent civilians through indiscriminate fire and the ‘discriminate’ kind, also.

American media did not feel and urge to report that part of the story, but when the Sabra and Shatilla camp massacres happened, they were forced to.

I have always felt that lack of coverage on the earlier civilian killings gave the Israelis the wink and a nod that the various Western countries had their press muzzled.

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