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Indiana Dad Sentenced to Five Years for Criticizing Judge, Custody Evaluator

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An Indiana man faces five years in prison because he criticized the judge and the custody evaluator in his divorce and custody case.  Here’s Dan Brewington’s website and here’s a link to his brief appealing his criminal convictions.

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Comment by Anonymous
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This is such blatant misrepresentation!  He FACES five years... so I guess that is the maximum time for trumped up intimidations.  What are the charges?  Did he get convicted?  This is a fear mongering and dismantling tactic to get people routed to other avenues for the current con going on in this country, like the Republic of Arizona. They push this "don't marry Ceazar" crap and offer magnanimously to take over your assets for you, paperwork and fingerprint stamp waiting right there for any unsuspecting dissident.   

I had trumped up intimidations sent in the mail for making a call to Tempe City and leaving a message about concerns of corruption and where I thought that they were coming from and I was FACED with 13 years.  It was all dropped.  It was intimidation that I refused to get on my knees to.

What happened to this country is the usual whores for the Jesuits got their free educations for over representation in high places like law, medicine, and politics, for instance, to support the global drug trade pushing for Zionist Israel with complete criminal immunity and now they want the slave to believe that they are owned OR ELSE.  I divorced a Zionist scum who is from Brooklyn and he deserves everything that these sick arrogant elitist perverts will get.  At least I have satisfaction knowing that he has difficulty with sleep for a reason.  He being a bottom feeding divorce lawyer as his front, he used another female zionist scum that I met in a Mormon lawfirm, also as a boss, (both of them Russian Khazar descent whores for Jesuit agendas) to lie and manipulate the situation as my so-called past bosses morphed to husband and best friend illuminati "handlers"... For the Mormon church's LIE FOR PROFIT glomming onto my DNA for an alleged counterfeit bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  My father murdered January 2010 upon the release of Mel Gibson's Father/daughter release... where they both throw up blood (metaphorical of rejecting their geneological targeting and its ties to corporate mafia)...  while also a convenient threat to watch, (they reverse mirror things in mind control).  Welcome to my life. 

There is even a website with a picture taken of me after being roughed up by adults and dressed up in a very stiff old dress while I was a little Mormon girl and a scroll just like the one in the picture of the website put in my hand with a graduation cap.  Someone is lying and saying that it was taken in 1955, when I am 99% sure it is me.  And I am certain that it is the Brotherhood.  The background is amazingly similar to the same pattern on the pillows of rattan chairs that Jason Shelton 4409 helped me pick up on consignment with credit I had for Dad's furniture from his estate.  The pen name for the book paperclip dolls is Annie McKenna but the supposed 'real' name is of course usual Yiddish intimidation:  GRACE.  As in God's Grace.  And my addresses are blocked from comment.  They are routing it to appear like pedophilia rings using propaganda that supports DaVinci Code and Holy Blood Holy Grail garbage, as the men at work always know to do in their jesuit training, reserve both opposites to be true in your fabrications.   It is called the law of duality.  Google the propaganda of the Mormon agenda under "Paperclip Dolls Annie McKenna Graceunsensored.blogspot" and that little girl, for those who know me, is absolutely me.  I described this terrible experience that even as a child, I knew something was up to my scum Khazar exhusband who wanted to join the Mormons for business purposes. He is a Cohen, profit of the Global mafia zionist terrorists that are in bed with the Vatican/Crown banking cartels, Mormon banking cult included.

You see, the members who are not initiated to the knowlege are raised to be very gullible.  It was done on purpose under Brigham Young after Joseph Smith was killed (by illuminati insiders no doubt).  Perhaps he was trying to deliver the truth about the forest representing family trees, and God and Jesus is plural man, and God speaks through "Jesus" flesh and bone.  He was actually being honest!  And while maybe a perve, perhaps he was trying to grow the church and only gave authority for mafia bloodliners to practice polygamy, to have an elite sect within, like a microcosm of the global mafia, but offering more truth to his knowledge and exposure of the system?

I am beginning to wonder if the missing children thing is even true now.  I am beginning to believe that we are all being chased down by a phantom boogie man so that we don't speak out.  The first sign you are a target, they will get in your house, move things around, then damage things, then take things, then plant things, or switch things out, then damage your cars, then leave notes... damage our credibility, your income. I understand this is done to mind control victims as well to keep them off balance, they are more suggestable and more easily manipulated that way.

It all began with my first divorcing an asshole for the Mormon church who knows that it is a con for perverted men who the higher they climb, the more secret 'privileges' that these horrible men get without their wives having a clue from what I am told is literal sex slavery, that certain children are targeted young for dissociation.  It is the perfect crime, because they won't remember it.  They know that they have a very sophisticated operation going and they use emotion to manipulate us.  I have no doubt that Ernie and Powell are whores for this crap. The second handler for me was the second husband, an illuminati "jew" representing the first husband a Mormon pervert.

This public abuse should be actionable, it really should.  If only the Bush family didn't take over the majority of the Judicial system...  (26 of the 50 US attorneys and 5 of the 9 supreme court justices from Bush family alone-assuming this isn't all just a bunch of disinformation, the Masons/Jesuits are notorious for that).  Why my RICO suit has sat unacknowledged at the 9th district for well over two years., except for within 24 hours of sitting down with Quartsite Mayor Ed Foster.  Second family member died that day.  Tempe forced to respond when pretending they were never served.  Still waiting on courts, but know that it is moot.  We have no justice.  Not until we stop being lazy, or intimidated, and particularly, stop selling each other out.  Unfortunately, I don't see that people really care beyond their own check book and that is where the trap lies.

As stated, this mafia works very carefully and secretly behind the scene to set people up and to trump up fake charges to skirt around their child abuse agendas.  In my divorce, what would have in normal due process required a court ordered fraud audit that would have blown CIA drug money laundering through real estate ponzi racket wide open during its major inception in 1998, resulted in false arrests and years of targeting and abuse that have only gotten more apparent with the Romney campaigns, particularly this one through abuses from this group, The Breakfast Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Unfortunately, each child, if they can isolate is in danger, that is true.  But this story is not realistic.  It is missing a lot of important information.  The Mormon church did this to my father, they had a very sick agenda for the children.  He, as well was subjected to Nazi mind control abuses.  And the Mormon agenda (in bed with Jesuit/Crown cartel) is still at play today with their covert bloodline of Jesus DaVinci Code garbage.  They find ways to damage a person, to the point of causing post traumatic stress, then when the person responds to the trauma with normal healthy reactions considering such, that person in continually gang stalked and harassed in ways so creative, as in Russia, then Nazi Germany and now it is happening here, as a means to keep them controllable, discredited and terrorized to speak out.  But what concerns me is that the people running this outfit are predatory.  This place is a trap.

Abusers such as Ernie and Powell will be exposed and brought to justice as well.  Ernie's solution is HAVE FUN!  I am the authority, we'll paint a sign, do some drinking while we wax your keys (when you've been distracted), we will spread horrible lies about you behind your back and even fabricate things to make them appear true, and we will have our mascot whore [Jason Shelton] 4409 make a movie about his victimhood getting all of your hard work stolen/confinscated, and while even begging for donations and pretending to be poor.  But at least we kept you busy while we supported Romney in secret and accepted envelopes of cash giving you the THRUST and wasting your time. 

You guys are evil, I am sorry, but this is blatant misrepresentation, fear mongering and social abuse and manipulation.   You guys get the envelopes of cash from the same criminals that promote courtroom abuses in family law, and usually for purposes of making a female dependent and going after the kids for mind control and/or sex trafficking.  Or social manipulation into getting kids into one of Romney's reform centers for bad boys and girls that I understand are used for human experimentation, biometric controls included.  Yes, there used to be more articles about this on line, that are being scoured from the internet. 

Shame on you!!!  My GOD!  You are disgusting human beings!  BE MORE HONEST.  This is BLATANT ABUSE to our eyes, as well as to our hearts.  Why don't you really do something.  We know that you are in a position to, but you are a bunch of cons!  Sick cons, I am sorry.  But it's so true.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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The root of the problem is that people let Caesar marry them thus making the state a party to the marriage and to the children.  Never let Caesar marry you. Do not give Caesar a legal nexus to your children.

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