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RNC Denies Sinclair News Convention Credentials


After months of complying with the Republican National Committee application process and guidelines for securing Press Credentials to cover the Republican National Convention in Tampa August 27-30, 2012 we received a letter today informing us our application has been denied. We are reporting this because we have been lied to by the RNC out right and while we respect the RNC having the right to decide who they want or do not want covering the Convention, we do not believe the RNC has the right to deliberately lie and not be called out on it.

The lie is simple: on Friday July 6, 2012 we placed a call to the RNC inquiring on the status of our application so we could confirm our plans to cover the convention. Below is the call record from our phone activity.

07/06/2012   02:34:49  From  (386) 492-6634 To (813) 381-5588

When we called on Friday July 6, 2012 we were told “no decisions have been made yet, they have been in meetings all week and expect to make decisions and start sending out those decisions sometime next week.” This despite the letter we received today having been dated July 2, 2012 and mailed on the very day we were told no decisions had yet been made.

We also take issue with the RNC failing to recognize that we applied for Credentials as Sinclair News-LS News Group which we have earned the right to be addressed as based on our reporting not simply because we chose to give ourselves a name. Click on the image to view in its original size

Lets look at the process as it took place in the Credential application process. On April 18, 2012 we were notified our Convention Housing had been processed and clearly notes that “Housing is handled by our Delegate Services team and will only be assigned to those individuals who have received credentials.”


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