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Seattle Police Raid Activist Home Looking for "Anarchist Materials"

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SPD made a show of force with heavy arms and a flash grenade to serve a warrant naming "anarchist materials" as evidence. Items confiscated included a hoodie sweater and a beanie cap associated with "Occupy Seattle" activities.

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Comment by Gimmel Yod
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Last time I checked, "Anarchist materials" weren't illegal. So why the search for LEGAL materials? Oh, -that's right: Idiots -like the person who posted previously are easily swayed by terms that are often misrepresented.  Anarchism is a particular PHILOSOPHY.  Hence, "ANARCHIST Materials" are unquestionably a form of PROTECTED FREE SPEECH regarding a PHILOSOPHY.  If I form the "Boogie-Man movement", --will the jack-booted-goons suddenly be allowed to raid my home looking for "Boogie-Man Materials"?  If you haven't read the US Constitution, -then don't post opinions: It'll only makes you look like an idiot.

Comment by Steve Duncan
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I commend what the police had done, although law enforcers could have done some more like using their truncheons to head-bash those dangerous resisting activists who are actually  terrorists planning to "occupy" Seattle --just  to give them a lesson to learn that they could never win against the State in this fight to suppress terrorism. To police officers -- the meaner you are when you do your job to protect the public, the more you deserve your salary paid for by our taxes. As far as this website is concerned, whether you use a "soft-glove" treatment of terrorist suspects or you resort to a head-bashing-shooting job of eliminating resisting suspects -- those bad guys or no good elements that endanger the lives of all Americans and threaten our national security, the results are the same -- you will always be looked down as thugs at fault. So never mind what they say -- you have a job to do, and we expect you to do your job!


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