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New Hampshire man serving 60 days for writing with chalk


When I was a child, I used chalk to draw all over the sidewalk. I loved coloring in rainbows and flowers, and even playing hopscotch. Despite my overactive imagination, I never once imagined a situation where someone drawing with chalk would end up jailed.

Ademo Freeman of New Hampshire was arrested in June of last year for taking part in a protest during which activists used children's chalk to write on the sidewalk and on the exterior walls of a building during a police accountability rally. Eight were arrested that day, some for graffiti and criminal mischief charges, and others for not moving fast enough when photographs were being taken of the chalked statements before they washed the evidence away.

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Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Makes sense to me. Gun running is a virtue. Destroying the second amendment through treasonous treaties is akin to Sainthood.

But writing with chalk? OMG! I propose a civilian army of millions of snitches, funded as least as well as out military whose only purpose will be to ferret out those that abuse CHALK!

What a wonderful country we live in! This decision makes me feel so much safer than I did yesterday with Ademo walking the streets. I hope this sends a message to others that chalk will not be tolerated.

Comment by Ed Martin
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 Suka, the chalk was on the sidewalk because the police et al are corrupt. Would you prefer cop and bureaucrat blood on the sidewalk over chalk?

Comment by Steve Duncan
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As far as this website is concern, why didn't the police just shoot them down one by one? The result would have been the same anyway -- the police is at fault. Can you imagine all the pavements, walls and buildings are chalked because the chalkers are all retarted, and had never grown up as responsible adults? According to the retarded reporter, they used CHILDREN's chalks as if there are ADULTS' chalks which when used to commit these CRIMINAL mischiefs would have made the difference!!! C'mon, police-bangers ... when was the last time you could remember that the police did their job right ... since the Statue of Liberty was first erected in New York?

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