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America Is Not a Free Country – 2012 Edition

•, By Doug Newman
 Independence Day is upon us. This July 4 we will celebrate the 236th anniversary of our independence from Britain and our birth as a free nation. We will watch fireworks, go to barbecues, go camping (at tax-funded state and national parks), go to baseball games (in tax-funded stadiums) and hear endless talk about how dadgum wonderful it is that we live in a free country.

Or do we live in a free country?

Consider the following.

In a free country, taxation would be well-nigh non-existent. You could keep what you earned and you could spend, save, invest and donate as you saw fit. You would have far more money with which to solve your own problems. Layabouts and sluggards would have to go to work and there would be much more compassion for the truly needy.

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