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Suicide Is Painless

•, by Staff Report

This article announcing his ambition actually appeared in June. It was ostensibly triggered by a news assignment that saw the 67-year-old moving in with a "pensioner" and visiting a "care home for dementia patients" for a BBC series.

Of course, we're not surprised that the Beeb is devoting considerable time and resources to profiling the lives and conditions of elderly people. While it could be said that such coverage holds little in the way of unique insights – except that things get increasingly tougher for old people – reporters like Simpson are busily at work supporting a larger agenda.

What's that agenda? Well, it's an increasingly transparent one at this point and has to do with the power elite's campaign to create conditions under which the elderly will be mercifully euthanized once they are no longer useful to society.

Simpson, of course, won't come out and explain it this way, though there is almost no doubt he harbors such sentiments. The BBC is an instrument of public policy and such policy in Britain is determined by those elites that have been trying to instigate ritual killing of the elderly for decades.

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Comment by Anonymous
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And James, that's assuming that the majority of the honeypot won't be signed off by the medical fraud, within circles that control our government. This healthcare deal gives them even more power over our lives and more honey to exploit from the hive... That will not make it to where it is supposed to go.

Comment by James Eldridge
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Isn't this the fear being talked about with this Obamacare? Once it gets going and the coffers are still getting drained by those too old to function for the good of others, or as this artical says, even the young that are handicapped, is this what will be the next move. - Yes, devils have gotten into our public offices and they could care less about the moral issues of killing the old or ill young. Only those that are so called top of the list will be able to keep from being put down.

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