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Don't Eat Your Dog: The Surprising Moral Case for Free Enterprise

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Government keeps growing -- and freedom keeps shrinking -- because we fail to make the moral case for free enterprise. Based on his best-selling book "The Road to Freedom," AEI President Arthur C. Brooks explains how we can win the fight for free enterprise by articulating what's written on our hearts. "We have to see that we're not in an economic battle for the future of America," Arthur says. "We're in a moral battle."

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Comment by Anonymous
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A hammer that strikes straight on the head of the nail. I have always been a fun of yours, JV. These two brainless vandals of human intelligence whose comments speak for them or speak how limited they are, would not have made the grade had they been enrolled in college and happened to be seated in your classroom.

By the way, there are more of them here who need to learn how to think straight. That's why we don't want you, Annonymous75, Brag, Brutos and the rest of your intellectual entourage to leave this page out of boredom. Helping them is a great service to humanity.


Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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These two ignorant comments below are from the "lunatic fringe".

Comment (#047438) is just plain government-bashing the National Institute of Health describe as a form of "mental illness", while comment (#010621) comes from a one-eyed political fanatic who wants us to vote for a non-electable old politician [Ron Paul] who promised to lead us to hell when the crow turns white or when hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

In our free enterprise society, we don't eat dogs -- dogs are America's best friends. We Americans are much closer to them than we are to humans that act like dogs.

Listen … In remote communist Siberia, food is scarce. There – in that remote place inaccessible to civilization -- humans compete with dogs eating dogs, to survive. That’s how humans survive the winter of life in that God-forsaken hell of a place.

Spending many years in the Academe, I taught young students how to use their intelligence in a way that would distinguish them from lower forms of animals. Otherwise, they become an embarrassment to the human species.

My point is, if you make comments like these two misplaced anti-State activists who have no idea where they are, chances are government dog-catchers might either snatch you and butcher you into a dog-meat delicacy or if you are that inedible kind because you are so toxic for human consumption, just put a mouth-leash on you and shift you to Siberia.

Either way, I don’t think you will like it … so don’t think and act like dogs …I mean – and no offense intended -- you have to straighten up and make a sensible comment not only understandable to humans but also not offensive to human intellect. Insulting the intelligence of the public – like these two comments are -- is a despicable dog-like disposition or to say the least is an irrational if not a foolish animalistic behavior.

Take this from me – JV.

Comment by Laura Ludwig
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I do not agree based on this document that has been part of our Congressional Record since 1963.

It is a 45 step plan to take-over the United States and #4 says: "Permit free trade between all nations regardless of communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war".

This sounds like a plan already in effect that is destroying jobs for all Americans and it is not a fair plan.

Also read the rest of the 45 steps that have all already been implimented and is turning the United States into a cesspool of crap.


Comment by Ed Price
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From the article: "These three principles — earned success, true fairness and helping those in need — are the foundation of the moral case for free enterprise."

The only way to get this from Government is to...

Vote for Ron Paul for President. And if he is not on the ballot, write him in. And record the event with your cell-cam.

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