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Update on the plurality of States dispute, and clarification.

•, Furious Primate

"An update on the 5 state plurality issue and the Ron Paul campaign. I have been in contact with a number of people and here is what I know so far:

1. Paul has a majority of delegates in at least 7 states. Colorado (but many are uncommitted), Nevada (which unless a judge intervenes will probably be considered bound), Massachusetts (where the GOP de-credentialed delegates), Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Louisana (which has a combination of bound and unbound delegates, unbound are Congressional District delegates the vast majority of which are Paul's)

2. If you look at Rule 40 in the RNC rules, it requires a plurality of at least 5 states in order to have a name entered into nomination.
3. Apparently "bound" states like Nevada cannot enter Paul's name into nomination because they are "bound" to Romney. Again, this issue is VERY QUESTIONABLE since the RNC does not consider any delegates bound... and this isn't even in a round of voting. Plus, the RNC rule 40 makes NO distiction between bound and unbound.. simply says a candidate needs a plurality of delegates from at least 5 states.

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