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Elites Bilk Populace through Manipulation of Currency, Interest Rates and Precious Metals

• J.T. Waldron
The mechanisms for transferring wealth from the majority to the elite involve a massive conspiracy to deceive with the primary goal of getting all to jump into tangled heaps of collapsing markets. Starting with the currency market, the Federal Reserve responds to increased public scrutiny and pending audits by posting a study extolling the virtues of quantitative easing to keep high prices for the stock market. As reported by CNBC, the Federal Reserve claims that stock market prices woud be 50% lower without the Federal Reserve. The question should be, "So what? Do the prices accurately reflect the value of the stocks or not? " This inflation is fueled by the misconception that the price of stocks somehow reflect the state of the economy. Stocks from companies that rely on cheap labor overseas, downsizing, consolidation, liquidation - anything that could dismantle the domestic labor force. Keeping news pundits with ample filler on their tele-prompters, one can often hear

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