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Iceland – Mighty Mite or Green Lapdog?

•, by Staff Report

Our re-thinking has been caused in part by the posturing of Iceland's president, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, who surely has had a hand in hiring a great scourge of white collar criminals, Ólafur Hauksson.

Hauksson is confident of his goals and like any good authority asks few questions. He is investigating abroad where he "enjoys full international cooperation." Further to his lustrous credentials, we are informed, is his success in arresting various "insider traders."

Of course, as we have covered the criminality of insider trading numerous times, asking how it is possible that such a thing is a crime when "insider" knowledge can be generated from expensive computers and other technology that is just as "unfair" as advance knowledge of company moves. You can see some articles here:

The Hopelessness of Insider Trading Prosecutions

Economist Portrait of Insider Trading Judge Trivializes Contradictions

Fresh from his triumphs over the non-existent crime of insider trading, Hauksson is ready to pursue commercial bankers around the world. No doubt the gangs of paper-money neo-national socialists (Greenbackers, Georgists and Social Creditors) who clog the electronic pages of the alternative media these days will rejoice. 

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