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The Fed Claims It is Responsible for Half of US Stock Market Gains – Are We Grateful?

•, by Staff Report
 It will be instructive to see if all those who are so upset over the phony LIBOR scandal now react to this news with the same amount of indignation. Will Eliot Spitzer suggest that such manipulations constitute the scandal of the century? Will Rolling Stone take the lead in blasting this sort of market rigging? Will the British bureaucracy beat its collective breast?
What's that we hear? The sound of collective silence?
One of the central planks of our modest publishing enterprise has been the distortive effects of central banking on the larger economy – domestically and worldwide. It is a massive criminal enterprise that benefits a tiny handful at the expense of everyone else.

Why does it continue? Because the power elite itself, a handful of dynastic families, apparently maintain their hold over the world via money printing. Without the ability to print money from nothing, the entire rotten enterprise of world government would collapse.

The justification for modern monopoly central banking is that it is "legal." But there is nothing legal in the generally accepted definition of the term about giving plutocrats the right to generate trillions, collectively anyway, while the elderly and the young languish with inflation that decimates their savings and interest rates that are too low to replenish them.

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