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Media Ron Paul delegate plurality scam

•, By: Jeffrey Phelps

If it weren't already a virtual impossibility, in an alleged democratic society, for a non-establishment candidate to have a chance at becoming the nominee of a pro-establishment political party, it may be now.

Monday morning was host to the fulfillment of a new program run by the establishment's media. One that fully displays the totality of its desperation and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure Ron Paul doesn't become the nominee.

Declare an alternate reality.

Evidently, if the reality taking place isn't going to cut it, all you have to do now is pretend it doesn't exist and go with a different one altogether. Done deal.
 It doesn't matter that, back in May, Ron Paul had already won a five state plurality of delegates, the majority of delegates from any particular state, five being the minimum needed to appear on the first ballot at the RNC. Although reluctantly and somewhat quietly, it was even reported on at the time by the same establishment media that Paul had accomplished that hurdle.

Some outlets reported only the five, some as many as 7, while others reported Paul as having won 11 states at that point.

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 It won't work ... and it will never work. It's a waste of time. Do something else useful.

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