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US agents to plug UK Olympics security holes


The US Transport Security Administration has reportedly prepared its personnel to be deployed in UK airports for the Olympic Games. The US agents will apply their skills to help their UK colleagues bolster security during the event.

­TSA personnel are to arrive at UK air hubs a week before and stay a week after the London Olympics, according to a newly reached agreement between UK’s Department of Transport and the US Transportation Security Administration, Sky News reports.

"This is an added security layer that has been done to help boost and aid the American airlines in particular that fly in and out of the likes of Heathrow and other airports,” says Sky's correspondent.

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Comment by Ana Panot
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Okay, when TSA frustrates terrorist and terrorist suspect with those no hanky-panky pat downs, some gnomes in this website as Anno75 mentioned, are unhappy.  They become cynical ... laughing from the outside, crying in the inside.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Kill-joy to terrorists and terrorist suspects. US-TSA frustrates terrorists again and again! Some gnomes in this website are not happy!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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No, no.  I'm laughing too hard.  Uh, I'll reply when it stops.