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Ron Paul: Lost Nebraska, But Can He Still Speak in Tampa? Or Be Nominated for VP?

•, Brian Doherty

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) failed to pull a delegate strategy last-minute save of his GOP presidential run in Nebraska over the weekend---failed big, with Paul pulling just two of the state's 35 delegates.

Thus, as media all over the world are reporting, this means Paul doesn't have the requisite five state control to get formally nominated from the floor in Tampa and earn a 15-minute speaking slot.

For the most detailed, though often perplexing, account of what actually happened, see this Daily Paul comment thread, with link tolivestream coverage that seems to be archived.

The New American on the only controversial part of the convention, and on hope for the future:

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Why do you people lie so much? Brian,Robert,do your children now what you do for a living?

Are they proud of you? Why don`t ya`ll tell your kids the truth? what are you afraid of,loosing a Pay Check? My children,and family,or,a Pay Check???  I`ll take the Pay Check is what your types always choose...the Pay Check.And everyone knows who you are....Everyone! and we don`t like either of all!

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Just more garbage and lies to confuse people. He can be nominated on the floor regardless. Vote Ron Paul on the first and every ballot....wear your Ron Paul shirt in the convention and yell from the roof tops. You go in like a P***Y they will treat you like a P***Y.



Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 Either of these ... no way, Jose!