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Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.

~ Irene Peter

Operating on the assumptions (1) that Ron Paul will not be the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, and (2) that he is likely to retire from future presidential campaigns, I focus on the question: where are those who advocate peace and liberty to now direct their energies? With three daughters, their husbands, and five young grandchildren comprising my sense of the future of mankind, I am quite interested in how they – and other members of their generations – can best advance the values and social systems that serve their interests rather than the interests of members of the corporate-state.

My experiences and inquiries keep me convinced that trying to dismantle political thinking from within the system is both a futile and contradictory undertaking. I do acknowledge that Ron Paul, using the political process, has done more than any other individual to help intelligent men and women discover the harsh and destructive nature of the state. The central "issues" that whisked George H.W. Bush into the White House in 1988 – whether Willie Horton should have been let out of prison and the sacred nature of the pledge of allegiance – can still arouse applause from aged defenders of the status quo, but the younger generation knows that the quality of their lives depends on more important questions. There is enfolded into the life force of humans a need for fundamentally new thinking and social practices that is – thanks primarily to Ron’s concise and principled analysis – unfolding in the kids. At my age, everyone is a kid.

Anyone who believes that Ron Paul has simply dreamed up an ideology that young people find attractive has no understanding of what is transpiring in this movement. Ron has tapped into an energy source that could be likened to a Rupert Sheldrake "morphogenetic field." At both a conscious and unconscious level, tens of millions of people throughout the world are sharing in the spontaneous eruption of opposition to the dehumanizing, oppressive, violent, and destructive nature of the corporate-state systems that exploit human beings for institutional ends. Peace, liberty, private property ownership, and respect for the inviolability of the individual, are qualities insisted upon by growing numbers of persons, not only in America, but elsewhere in the world.

Ron Paul did not invent this mobilization of the human spirit, nor will the energies subside after November’s elections. If members of the established order look upon this movement as a "fad" that will disappear when Ron Paul retires, they are sadly disillusioned. The question before us, however, has to do with how this energized spirit will find expression in the following months and years. How will those whom I affectionately refer to as "the kids" advance the cause of peace and liberty when there is no presidential campaign to attract them?


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Comment by Tom Westbrook
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Comment by Ed Price
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If you were ignorant of American history, you might have an excuse. But since you know all about American history, it is clearly evident that you are part of the political fascist socialist machine that is attempting to destroy America.

Ron Paul is NOT attempting to introduce his own form of Government. Rather, he is attempting to re-introduce the Constitutional Government that the Founding Fathers set up in America... the one that is taught to children in school... the one that doesn't have any resemblance to what exists... the one that has a real foundation to it.

Here you are, supporting things like a central banking system and an income tax, things that give an appearance of strength to our nation, while in reality are only paper mache. Following right along behind the appearance of tremendous strength in America, is the collapse that is destroying everything that the people have poured their blood, sweat and tears into over the years. And it is destroying the people right along with it.

That is not strength. It is destruction. And you seem to enjoy being part of what is destroying America.

Wake up, folks. If you haven't felt the bite of poverty and loss yet, keep on listening to and following JV, and you will feel the bite in the very near future.

Comment by Steve Duncan
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There is NOTHING wrong with the Government of the United States, in fact it is the greatest government of the greatest nation on the planet. It is neither a "monsters" nor an "Evil Empire". Those who say it is, are!

Comment by Ana Panot
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 JV, you should leave PureTrust [Donna Hancock] to Kim Dyer who with a flirtatious mind calls her a "whore". No use "educating" this skirt-wearing misfit -- she can no longer be educated [no space upstairs for that]!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Ron Paul wants to introduce his own form of Government and his twisted understanding of what freedom means -- he was NOT trying to change bad people IN the Government. Your focus is cross-eyed. He knew nothing about Economics, and so are his ignorant followers like you are. No nation as great as the United States of America can economically function without a Central Bank, IRS and income tax. This is your problem. You believed that by delivering babies, he became an "expert" in Economics ... that's how screwed up he is ... and so are you!

Comment by Ed Price
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When someone spends 35 years in Government, attempting to make Government better, he is NOT revolted by Government. He may be wrong in his view of things, But he may be right, as well. He may be revolted by the way some politicians use Government, but this has nothing to do with being revolted by Government itself.

Government in one form or another exists throughout all of nature. A person governs himself. Parents govern a family. Patriarchs govern tribes. Governments govern nations. Everyone recognizes this, even though some people speak otherwise at times.

Government is found in the pattern of nature in areas that do not involve people. All life has some form of governance to it.

People who complain about Government, are NOT complaining about the fact that there is some form of governance! What they are complaining about is the fact of injustice within the Government. What they are complaining about is that among the good people in Government, you can also find crooks and criminals. What they are complaining about, really, is that the crooks and criminals within Government are actually turning Government, itself, into anarchy.

Besides all that, one drop of the proper bleach per gallon of milk will kill every form of bacteria and virus in the milk, including salmonella. You don't need stupid pasteurization. Pasteurization is being used as a method of controlling the population for the money profit of the medical.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Fighting all his life to change America into a Ron Paul version of a new United States of America without a Central Bank or Federal Reserves, without an IRS and without an Income Tax among other disturbing absurdities of an anti-Government politician, is a pure IDEOLOGY OF THE IGNORANCE.

In the name of the freedom and liberty of individuals, advocating and promoting the right of the ignorant masses to drink unpasteurized raw milk, to buy and eat milk products and market farm produce not approved or recommended by the FDA and health authorities as marketable goods fit for human consumption, is a pure destructive political idiosyncrasy of this rapidly-aging politician from Texas, if not what people believed is in fact a form of insanity. These are cited only as examples.

For Ron Paul to deliver video-taped and televised speeches on the people’s "freedom to kill", i.e., the freedom to drink unpasteurized raw milk that spread the epidemic of a killing disease caused by bacteria called Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria, is NOT a patriotic way at all of sending hundreds of victims to their early grave.

These are on record, examples of Ron Paul’s peculiar legacies among others, which I believe the EDUCATED and INTELLIGENT "younger generation" of today is NEVER and CANNOT be attracted to. Only the money-makers of Ron Paul’s political campaign and the "Next Generation" [the tattooed, pierced-tongued, nose-ringed over-sexed, duped, long-haired, marijuana addicted young generation of tomorrow] are crazy about it.

Writer Butler Shaffer is terribly wrong to impute an Ideological Movement to Ron Paul of which he erroneously believed America would be thankful in the future. I can only see the future of Ron Paul as something dark and foreboding.

But don’t be mistaken -- I have nothing personal against Ron Paul. I believe that due to his extreme revulsion of Government most Libertarian in extremis are, he is just being used by radical propagandists who in their campaign to destroy America [they imagined as an "Evil Empire"], they are trying to convince you and I that there is an "eruption of opposition to the dehumanizing, oppressive, violent, and destructive nature of the corporate-state systems that exploit human beings for institutional ends."

Nothing of this sort really exists. This quote is just a professionally scripted cliché used in the vicious on-going propaganda campaign of the Left against the United Nations’ formation of a New World Order our modern civilization badly needed, and to portray how "evil" the United States of America is.

Comment by Ed Price
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Read about the hundredth monkey effect at:


and Google: "the hundredth monkey"

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Very good article. Each individual must get educated & involved however they can. 

Ben Franklin told a lady the the Constitutional Convention of the day had given the people "A Republic, madam, IF you can keep it!"  If We The People don't involve ourselves with reversing the flow away from our Republic & founding documents & we allow the trend toward socialist style central planned fed govt to continue, we WILL lose our Republic. It's close to being lost NOW!

 We will still need Constitution based people in office however. Two that come to my mind are Judge Napolitano & Chuck Baldwin. There are many others, so feel free to add to the list. 


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