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20 Signs That All Point To The Exact Same Thing - Can You Guess What That Is?

 The U.S. economy is in a massive amount of trouble. There aren't enough jobs. There isn't enough money to go around. Business activity is slowing down again. Household wealth has been falling. Food prices have been rising. Many state and local governments all over the country are flat broke and are drowning in debt. The federal government has been rolling up unprecedented amounts of debt in an attempt to keep things going, but everyone knows that kind of borrowing is simply unsustainable. So where do we go from here? We consume far more than we produce and we use debt to make up the difference.

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Anon Patriot is right again!  There is an agenda to collapse the US economic system. Ron Paul is the only major party candidate who would go 180' the other way. Cloward & Pivon wrote a book, The Cloward & Pivon Strategy .

 Going along with that book is Rules For Radicals, dedicated to lucifer by Saul Alinsky. 

The info is there, people just need to go find it.




Comment by Anon Patriot
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People often ask themselves "what can I do to prepare".  Here are some suggestions:

c) (this can be used ANYWHERE!)
d) (utilizes almost ANY fuel source)
5) In addition to extra shampoo, antibacterial soap, and the like, think about how you would SHOWER, for instance, with no running water: & about another thing:
6) I did a little searching around online - there's a lot of quality stuff, that is still made in the USA

Master List Of Goods Still Made In The USA

20 Highly Rated Home Goods Made In The U.S.A.

Made in USA
7) (buy as many as you can safely store)

8) there are so many possibilities that fall under this category - think about necessary things - typically machined, or man-made, that would be practically impossible to come by, if grocery and other stores such as hardware stores had empty shelves for an extended period of time. Like DUCT TAPE: and a saw, to cut wood for the cookstove: Also, think about important, necessary food items - SALT - would definitely fall into this category. Other items might include organic olive oil, for cooking, organic maple syrup, for pancakes, organic honey, etc.
9) END THE 'FED'! Contact your Representative prior to July 24th!
10) Remember - always look for the Made in U.S.A. label!
11) MAKE YOUR OWN LIST, of things you'd definitely need, in an economic 1930's-style-depression (I've merely enumerated the basic necessities, but haven't included EVERY item - or every item Made in the U.S. And, not every individual has the exact same needs. So, why not think of it, as an ADVENTURE - a learning process. And, make YOUR OWN LIST!)

Comment by Anon Patriot
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We, the People – HAVE THE POWER. WE SIMPLY NEED TO ‘TAKE IT BACK’, meaning, become more, and more self-reliant, and expect NOTHING from the government. THIS IS THE ANSWER.

From the 'comments' section, at

"The Central Bankers WANT a 'global' economic collapse, particularly in the 'EU', and eventually [possibly as early as Aug/Sept, 2012] in the U.S. Why? So, that they can step in with their PRE-PLANNED "SOLUTION": A ONE-WORLD CURRENCY, UNDER THEIR CONTROL. They may even try to back this international currency with GOLD, since Central Bankers own MOST of the above-ground, investment-grade gold - all of this, allowing them to remain in control, as we move from one monetary/currency system, to the next. REMEMBER THIS: THE CENTRAL BANKERS WANT A GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. For that reason ALONE, people should be SERIOUSLY anticipating that IT WILL BE A REALITY, in the not-too-distant future, POSSIBLY within a few months from now, or at the end of 2012, at the earliest. PREPARE NOW: 1) WATER filtration/purification system, 2) FOOD storage, to get you through 6 months to 1 year, 3) SEEDS, non-gmo, non-hybrid, 4) EXTRA MEDICINE(S), ASPIRIN, multi-vitamins, etc., 5) EXTRA PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS, 6) DURABLE CLOTHING, especially work boots, pants, shirts (buy Made in USA), 7) PMs, SILVER & a little gold BULLION (coins, rounds, bars), 8) Barter items - alcohol, liquor, cigarettes, chocolate, and any other items that may become highly sought-after, during a total economic shutdown - where even trucks aren't routinely delivering food, or supplies to local stores. DO THE ABOVE, AT A MINIMUM - and, you'll be in MUCH better shape, than the masses of un-informed Americans, who actually believe we are in a 'recovery', right now! It's been 4 years, since the 'downturn' of 2008 - AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Imagine what A GLOBAL DEPRESSION would be like!

Oh – and the new currency (the global currency) will probably arrive in credit-card form. With a micro-chip embedded in it. They could turn off the chip whenever they want.

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