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Despite Internet Reformation, Citizens Are Lacking in Media Literacy and Civics Education

• The Intercept
The greatest threat to the power elite has been the internet reformation and it is justifiably compared to the Gutenberg press, which circumvented the elite religious aristocracy and gave birth to the Renaissance period. Today's explosion of source material has brought forth a new age of enlightenment among a segment of the population willing to analyze, collect and discern content from all walks of life. Those who paid attention now find themselves miles apart from those who obtain their news and information from conventional sources of newspapers and television programming. A new world has developed as establishment propaganda campaigns become thoroughly discredited amongst the crowds that understand 9/11 Truth, Wall Street, Iraq WMD's, the war on terror, Jessica Lynch and the Gulf of Tonkin. This vortex of information is closing fast, however, as the media monopolies redirect and restrict access to what once seemed like an infinite pool of information. As peoples' attentions

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