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Food Storage on a Budget

•, by N.T.M. in Nevada
  I am currently working with a few people and teaching them how to feed their family and still put food up for TEOTWAWKI. There are three things that I tell people to always do, (1) gardening, (2) couponing, and (3) food co-ops.

(1) Gardening. When TSHTF, you don’t want to be changing the way that your family eats because then you could be facing worse problems. So the number 1 thing to do is to start a garden. You are going to want to already know how to grow your own food to be able to replenish your food storage and maintain a constant supply of food. I always tell people to both feed your family from your garden as well as preserve what you grow. Start with heirloom seeds so that you can also learn how to save the seeds from what you grow. Your startup will be more with getting the proper seeds and tools to do the work. When you grow and preserve your own food storage, you have the ability to learn the art of gardening, seed saving, and know that your family will eat and already be adjusted to the foods that you grow as well as save money. Fresh fruits and vegetables from your home garden are healthier for you because you are able to control the pesticides and environment that they are grown in. Once you have all that fresh fruits and vegetables, you need to preserve them before they go bad. You can dehydrate and can them. Look at thrift stores and yard/garage sales for canning equipment including canning jars as well as dehydrators....

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