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Brave Warriors, Bernanke and Ron Paul?

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 In this case, we see that the publication has framed the rhetorical contest between Paul and Bernanke as one of equals, each with a point of view. The article does not attempt to distinguish between the two points of view, nor to evaluate the arguments of each man.

It simply takes them at face value and provides us with a focus that is emotional rather than factual. Here's some more from the article:

Since 2006, when the latter was named as the chairman of the Federal Reserve system, the former – the libertarian congressman from Texas – has been haranguing Mr. Bernanke during his annual visits to the House Committee on Financial Services.

But with Mr. Paul retiring after this term, Wednesday marked the final chapter of six years of Paul-Bernanke combat. Their engagements have often been the stuff of Internet lore.

Paul-Bernanke matches "certainly made the hearings more interesting – and provided several memorable YouTube moments," said Rep. Spencer Bachus (R) of Alabama, the chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services at the top of the hearing.

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Comment by lorraine collins col
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PANOCHA is just another prescription addled ward of the state squealing because he fears getting booted from the trough. Somebody please, keep those doors locked.
Comment by panocha
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 lorraine collins col (#046558) is one of those hate-Government Ron Paul fanatics on the loose! This fanatic and others of her kind who according to the National Institute of Health are afflicted with anti-Government "mental illness" will soon be gone when Ron Paul retires and disappears from the scene. Pour champagn in your glass and let's drink to that!

Comment by Anonymous75
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This anecdote will help you understand more my comment below which is rather esoteric if not unforgivably arcane. I am referring to chicken-brained "loonies" who might still have a little grey-matter left in their thick elephant-like skull.

My nephew not older than my youngest son who is in graduate school finishing his Ph.D. in Economics comes to my house on weekends. We talk about our debatable and sometimes skittish if not contentious economy, just to get away from our weekdays’ grille and grind. He and his Laptop are inseparable, so he always bring it with him when he visits me.

With his Laptop screen open on JV’s comments over Ron Paul’s artificial elevation of economic "knowledge" to the level of Dr. Bernanke who has a Ph.D. in Economics, he feels somewhat aggravated when Paul’s handlers wanted Paul to debate with the Chairman of the Feds on monetary economics [of all the subjects they could think of!].

My nephew asked me these questions: How come these supporters can’t admit that Ron Paul has no academic background in Economics? For an M.D. -- who has never gone to school to study and learn Economics -- to challenge Dr. Bernanke to a debate on economic issues within the latter’s expertise … does this not insult and embarrass the nation in the eyes of the world?

I assured my nephew that JV is a very learned colleague of mine in the academe. Our collegial forte in graduate school is in Law and Economics. JV is smart because the only answer to those questions is right there in his comments. All you have to do is find it.

Is it because these guys are mentally tattooed hippies of The Next Generation? No. Are they dull-headed? Maybe. Is it because they are stubborn? No, not at all. Is it because they are stupid? Something like that.

JV has only one very simple answer to these questions – they are from the "lunatic fringe"!

Comment by lorraine collins col
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what the hell are these two commentators talking about? Did they just get released from the same hospital?
Comment by Anonymous75
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I agree with what you are saying, JV. Trying very hard to headline Ron Paul everywhere is like resuscitating a dead horse!

As far as Ron Paul’s ambition to become "the next President of the United States" is concerned, supporters from the "lunatic fringe" should know that that has been long dead.

This over-publicity of Ron Paul really disturbs me. Reading those headlines about him makes me feel as if I am standing in front of a tombstone with someone giving an artificial respiration or a kiss of life to a politician lying in his grave. My feeling is torn between despise and anger because of what they are doing to him on one hand, and on the other, disgrace and pity of what had become of a man who would have re-created the United States of America without a Central Bank [Federal Reserves], without IRS and for the first time the only powerful economy in the world without an income tax, and finally, an America that has no longer any leadership connection to the outside world.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Supporters of Ron Paul are creating funny fancy headlines like "Ron Paul v. Bernanke" to project a public impression that Ron Paul is at Bernanke’s level or status. This embarrassed the Chairman of the Federal Reserves.

To associate the name of a politician on the edge who has no background in Economics whatsoever -- one who learned his Economics by delivering more than 400 babies -- with the dignified and respected name of the nation's Economic Czar, is an affront to Dr. Bernanke's dignity and reputation.

When Ron Paul talks and asks questions in the Congressional Financial Committee hearing where Dr. Bernanke is "invited" to attend, the public noticed that Bernanke is always either yawning or not paying attention. He would often ask Ron Paul ... "what did you say?" Or, "what are you talking about?"

When Ron Paul is talking about Economics he alone understands, you can read the boredom in Bernanke's face as if saying ... never heard about what you are saying, Paul ... Sorry.

And look what those tricksters from the "lunatic fringe" are headline-blowing up in the air – something like "two brave economic warriors" in mortal combat, etc. That’s not real …it is not true. They are just making it up ... a despicable lie. These people have no shame at all, trying very hard to lift up Ron Paul’s image to Dr. Bernanke’s level. They think they can fool the public this cheap way they are resorting to …but no way, Jose, not at all!