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Bankers Declare U.S. & Europe Conquered

•, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
 A recent CNBC clip in which financial analysts admit to viewers that America is under the control of a group of central bankers who are building a world government is a damning insight into how the establishment has dispensed with any pretense of trying to hide their agenda as it is finalized.

During the video, the host asks guests, “Do we all work for central bankers – is this global governance at last – is it one world – the central bankers in charge….aren’t we all just living and dying for what the central banks do?”

“To answer your question, we are absolutely slaves to central banks,” responds the guest.

“We beholden to what central bankers and policy makers do rather than the fundamentals in the economy,” adds another.

This is just one of a deluge of examples where it is now being thrown in our faces that a banking elite is building a world government at the expense of the American people.

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Comment by David McElroy
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 Speaking of "mental bankruptcy", Vanderville, it was good to see you stand with Vladimir Lenin in advocating a strong central bank unfettered by independent review. Lenin said establishing a central bank would establish 90% of the communist agenda. Glad to see you make yourself clear where you stand.

Comment by Ed Price
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Walmart has become a gigantic company. One of the major reasons for this is that they listen to their employees.

Walmart may not pay very well. But they allow their employees a lot of freedom in a lot of ways. This is just the opposite of what the banks do with people. The whole idea of banks is to sap as much of the life out of people as is possible. The whole idea of banks is to "farm" the people to get the maximum out of them as possible.

The banks have had success NOT because they made that success. They have had success because they were able to tune in to a "success movement" of the people, and ride the peoples' success all the way to the top.

If the banks do not step back and give the people the clear perception of success and freedom, the banks will fail. It is built into nature. It's the thing that Walmart used to virtually jump to success.

People may not be very smart. But they are not entirely stupid, either. They will see through the conquering tactics of the banks. So, the only way for the banks to remain successful is to give the people enough freedom that that they can't see the conquering tactics. And the only right amount of freedom to accomplish this is COMPLETE FREEDOM.

If the banks don't give the people freedom, they will fail and fall.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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It has been long studied that since Europe became EEC, there should have been a Central Bank patterned after the United States Federal Reserves. Since then, that proposal is still in the woodwork. EEC would have then fit into the perfect structure of semi-centralized monetary cooperation and governance where European member countries act like the different States in the United States under a Federal-like monetary authority.

In my recent study of the EU in trouble, the problem of Greece is similar to the problem of New York many years ago, where the Central Bank or the U.S. Federal Reserves came around to help the financially and economically beleaguered State of New York, more so when the other States were not in the position to help or refused to come to the aid of the troubled State. That saved New York then, to become what is New York, now.

The Enemy of the State doesn’t know what they are talking about. Beating the Federal Reserves to death with all those wasted time and energy is worse than just an exercise in futility! It exhibits a certain kind of mental bankruptcy.


Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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As now correctly posted.

They aren't lucky -- they don't have the Federal Reserves that we have that sees to it that the U.S. Economy makes this country the greatest, the richest and the mightiest on the planet!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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They aren't lucky -- they don't have the Federal Reserves that we have that sees to the that the U.S. Economy makes this country the greatest, the richest and the mightiest on the planet!

Comment by Olde Reb
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 How do they get their funding  ???   In the USA, the method is detailed at  RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE,  It amounts to $4 billion hidden profit every day--7/52-- from the auctions of Treasury securities.  The  ECB undoubtedly has a similar method with the Euro.

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