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Real-Life Horror: Shooter Slays 12 At ‘Dark Knight’ Screening

•, By Spencer Ackerman
 While information about the massacre is still sketchy — there’s a Reddit page compiling a timeline of the attack — early reports indicate that a man wearing a gas mask and body armor and carrying a rifle burst into the ninth theater at the Central 16 cineplex in the Denver suburb. He threw what witnesses described as a gas canister before beginning a shooting spree that wounded about 50 people — at least 12 fatally.

We were just watching the movie and up to the right it sounded liked some firecrackers went off,” Zachary Golditch, who was seeing the movie in the nearby Theater 8, told local TV news. Golditch was shot in the neck, “a clear in and out wound,” as the chaos spread to theater eight.

Another moviegoer in Theater 8, Alex Milano, told a reporter that “loud bangs and smoke took over the right of the theater.” Before he realized he was under attack, Milano said he and a friend thought, “Special effects, midnight showing, that’s awesome, what theater does that anymore.” But when he saw “something come through the wall, multiple objects flow through the wall,” he dropped his younger sister and himself to the ground and spirited them out of the movie.

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Comment by David McElroy
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Quite right, Powell. Lots of knee-jerk assumptions and errors in play, and even the "talking heads" on TV contribute. Like some trying to smear the Tea Party claiming the shooter belonged to it. I am sure more facts and misinformation will appear in the coming days, some of it from authority figures wanting to shape public opinion and cover some asses.

The shooter, Holmes, has all the marks of a mind-controlled patsy programmed to commit the atrocity at the theatre. He had been an honor student in neuroscience, and pursued a Ph.D in it, as you noted. He would have been deep in bowels of the brain game with psychiatrists, neurosureons, and labs. 

He called himself the "Joker" and attacked just after midnight. He struck on a new moon, a "dark moon", at the premiere of the Dark Knight (night?) Rises.  He did it in Aurora, Colorado, a "dark" neighborhood, a black neighborhood. Aurora was the Roman godess of the dawn, sun rising to dispell the dark of night. The occult symbolism is unmistakable and masonic.

Holmes meekly surrendered despite attacking and killing many people at random, and being heavily armed and wearing body armor. He told police about his apartment being booby-trapped, when a murderous Joker would like to have known many cops were killed entering his lair. 

There is much to question about this atrocity, and I expect the death toll will rise. I also think this may have been done to drive public opinion to accept the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty Obama and Clinton are planning to sign. This treaty will be a prelude to gun confiscation requiring gun registration. Beware!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Lets get some facts strait. He was not a medical student. He was a PhD student)who's academic program was at the College of Medicine. He was not enrolled in the M.D. program.

I find it interesting that a large percentage of shooters seem to specialize in psychology or neuroscience as if they know there is something twisted about their minds and are desperately seeking a cure.

4 guns (all of which he had with him) does not make much of an arsenal. Unless a huge number of families have an arsenal as a pejorative to a reporter.

Of everyone in that packed theater NONE of them apparently was armed. I find that statistically amazing and tragically sad. And of all the sideshow cops hired to keep order at the midnight showing none of them was around 15 minutes into the film when needed or brave enough to go into the fray---preferring the standard practice to await the SWAT team I'm sure, who in turn would await the hostage negotiator. And perhaps they would finally enter in force after sending the robot in four hours after the shooting stopped and they pumped pepper spray in and lobbed a few flash bangs. Nice of the shooter to surrender in a nearby parking lot, confess and tell cops about his booby-trapped apartment to avoid video of a bunch of cops finally showing up and standing around for hours.

The police are not there to protect you. They are there to arrest the complacent. Make your own arrangements to protect your family or trust them to the hands of others.

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