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Why America is no longer Great!

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Comment by Ed Price
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Any time we want America to become the greatest country in the world again, all we need to do is ONE SIMPLE THING. All we need to do is...


Why would this work? It would work again, because that is what made America great in the first place.

The best laws for people to live by in freedom, are found in books 2 - 5 of the Bible. The best example of love and sacrifice is found in books 1 - 4 of the New Testament of the Bible. And the rest of the Bible shows what happens when people do and don't follow what is written in the aforementioned parts.

When you use this Book of Books as a language primer for people of all ages, the laws and the love go in. Their lives are changed. And they carry out what they have learned. It simply happens that way. The nation changes.

The first book of the Bible shows us the whys and hows of what went wrong. The last book of the Bible shows us what will happen to us if we do not change.

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