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Banks are claiming “They don’t own foreclosed property due to the up keep cost.”

This is so classic. Banks foreclosed on people and judges of course allowed it through the fraud. Banks have to claim “ownership” and rights to foreclose due to ownership. Once they foreclose they kick the people out through FRAUD of the foreclosure. They then leave the properties empty and unattended if they are not able to sell the properties. Now with so many empty fraudclosure of homes they are claiming “they are not the owners nor are they responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the properties.” So… let’s think about this, banks foreclosed then they can’t sell the properties in the mean time they threw people out on the street instead of working with them to stay in their homes…. the houses stay abandoned for years and then banks don’t want to spend the money of mowing their lawns or maintaining them?!

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Comment by Ed Price
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The banking laws and the loan mechanism was set up to make the banks rich. The loan process (though it is not really a loan process, but rather a new-money creation process) was set up to make everyone successful, even if it stole money from all the people through a back door. The system was NOT set up with safe-guards for a time when there might be mass defaults and foreclosures. Why not? Because, under its standard operation, such defaults and foreclosures would never happen.

Now that the big world bankers are trying to destroy the economies of America and Europe so that they can rule the world, mass defaults and foreclosures are being set in place by the world bankers. Since there is no mechanism or policy in place for something like this, we are getting a general community that looks like the beginning of the pilot movie "Dark Angel" (2000, with Jessica Alba).

Watch that movie. To be sure, the things that brought about the poverty in the movie are different than causes for what is happening in America. But the poverty is not different. The biggest difference in the movie is, the terrorists are billed as terrorists. In reality, the terrorists are the Government and the big, world bankers.

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