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Ron Paul Rips Romney and Obama For Debating Petty Issues

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is urging GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, claiming it is what the American people want. Paul told Politico in a candid interview that he isn’t sure why Romney hasn’t released his tax returns yet but says that it would be good for Romney if he did so, peppering in his usual lamenting about the bipartisan nature of both parties. “It’s a shame. The important issue is [what] the two candidates seem to agree on,” Paul said. “They don’t really disagree with militarism overseas, they don’t disagree with the Federal Reserve system and the bailouts, and they don’t disagree on basically whether the role of federal government is wealth redistribution through welfare. So instead, they’re talking about tax returns and that to me is so disappointing.” “It’s all a charade, I think it’s all contrived to not have a debate,” Paul said.

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