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Austrian Economics, Its Detractors and the Reality of Freedom

 The Money Power are old, white, male, straight, and married. They also are articulate, intelligent, and college-educated. They also seem to have kids, love money, and like to wear gray suits with a tie. I think we finally figured out the conspiracy. It is a conspiracy of old, white, straight, intelligent, college-educated, and married bankers in gray suits, who love money and have kids. We need to distrust, fear, and hate the old people, white people, straight people, married people, articulate people, college-educated people, intelligent people, and men. We also need to distrust, fear, and hate people who wear gray suits with a tie, who love money, or who have kids. Perhaps witches will be spared in the next Inquisition. – Liberty Revival

Dominant Social Theme: There is a race, a very BAD race...

Free-Market Analysis: We missed this great article back in April over at Liberty Revival. The folks at Liberty Revival are taking part in a larger argument about the positive value of government-run fiat money versus free-market tangible assets like gold and silver.

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