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Cops among Florida's worst speeders, Sun Sentinel investigation finds

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We've all seen it, and now there's proof: Police officers sworn to uphold our traffic laws are among the worst speeders on South Florida roads.

A three-month Sun Sentinel investigation found almost 800 cops from a dozen agencies driving 90 to 130 mph on our highways.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Dashboard and helmet cams aren't enough. Now we need sealed timers and speed recorders on police vehicles - sealed so that they can't be tampered with by police.

I'm in the wrong business. I should either become a mechanical engineer to supply the squad cars with all those devices, or I should become a cop.

If 3 10 is right, police jobs are only incidental for cops. Their big money comes from all the drugs they deal.

Think of it. Cops are putting James Bond to shame with their on-the-street license to kill. And the drug lords in Mexico had to struggle for decades to get into their positions of power. But all these guys needed to do was apply for the job.

Comment by Gimmel Yod
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Cops are among Florida's worst speeders because of (2) factors: Many cops feel that they are above the "law" and so many are cranked up on coke or meth.  That's not a character slur; --It's the FACTS.

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